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Soft plastic to plastic asphalt paving blocks

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Brett Cooper brettc

Soft plastic to plastic asphalt paving blocks

20/12/2018 at 13:36

Soft plastic is bit of a problem in New Zealand and most countries,  it’s a very undesirable type of plastic for commercial recyclers.

The best solution I have seen for this waste is to make them into plastic asphalt paving blocks.  The is the easiest solution because the plastic doesn’t need cleaned or processed to be used.

Youtube has a ton of videos on people doing this but I haven’t seen a decent machine to do this easily and cheaply.


So I have been thinking of how one could be built and would like to hear others ideas on this subject.


I have two thoughts on this,  one would be a large extruder that takes the bags plus sand  and heats and mixes it together.   I think that would be complex and the motor to drive that would be costly due to the Horse Power required.

The second design could be simply a heated concrete mixer or an asphalt mixer.   I was thinking of using an old 9kg or 25kg gas bottle or an air compressor tank as the vessel  or an old metal concrete mixer.

Not sure how I would do the heating or other mechanics as I’m still working on the concept and that’s why I’m posting here to get other views on this machine.

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