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Solar-powered pedal-electric Mini RV

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Solar-powered pedal-electric Mini RV

27/11/2019 at 00:50

I am currently building a solar-powered pedal-electric mini RV for a kustom bike competition in April 2020 in Vegas and would love to adapt a one of the plastic processing systems to this project , like the pedal powered shredder and other machines that can portable on this cycle.

I could do with all the help I can get as this is all new to me, I’m quite proficient in metal work and construction, but lack the knowledge and experience to develop this before my competition. I’m also quite low-budget , so I cant just throw money at it..

I’ve already started building the tricycle and will use recycled election signs (Coroplast) to make the body of the RV and would love to install some of these machines inside the RV to share and demonstrate these recycle ideas…

You can see some of my work on my instagram : Roq.cycles

Here’s a pic of the project so far, just using cardboard for now to mock up , but soon after our local elections I will be collecting the Coroplast .  Also a pic of my last creation, solar powered…


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01/12/2019 at 14:37

Does anyone know about this bicycle-powered shredder that has been posted in the Bazaar?

What Im reading/learning throughout this forum about bicycle powered shredders is that they’re still underpowered , which leads me to think about a hybrid version of a pedal electric maybe even a small 250w-500w hub motor would greatly increase the efficiency combined with an addition 50w-250w from human effort?  And still be much lighter weight than stand alone electric motor.

I’m thinking this way because I would like to make our plastic recycling more mobile and operational on the move…   Any thoughts?

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