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Solution to Trouble of Raymond Mill Main Engine

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Solution to Trouble of Raymond Mill Main Engine

15/03/2019 at 05:02

Contact Person:Mr.Zhao 0086-13523465141
Hey, what if the main engine of Raymond Mill breaks down during operation? Here are the corresponding solutions.
If in the process of operation, the main engine of Raymond Mill starts slowly, and obviously feels much slower than usual, don’t panic, usually caused by insufficient distribution power or unstable voltage. According to our years of production experience, it is suggested that you need to check whether the motor meets the power requirements of the mill, if it is not necessary to replace the suitable motor; if the voltage is unstable, go to check the power line, set up a device, this problem can be solved very well.
Raymond grinding in the grinding process, the main engine stuck, how to do? Based on years of follow-up observation, we found that either iron and other foreign bodies enter the main machine of Raymond Mill, or there are too many materials. In this case, don’t worry, stop to check whether foreign bodies come in, or even feed, to control the hardness of the material within the appropriate range.
These are the experiences we have summed up over the years, hoping to help users.
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