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solutions for motor to shredder coupling

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Klasu klasu

solutions for motor to shredder coupling

30/06/2020 at 16:25

Hi out there,

my shredder is almost ready. But one crucial detail is unsolved:
how to connect the motor (28mm shaft) to the hex bar (20mm) of the shredder.
For industrial purposes are a ton of expensive couplings available, with a fixed size.
Do you know any low-tech-methods of connecting them together without the use of a lathe?


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17/11/2020 at 19:57

Hi @chelbig, yes I have been successful shredding.
the coupling i mentionned is pretty self explanatory. just purchase a coupling big enough for your maximum shaft size and then two taper bush the size of your shafts (35mm and 20mm for me)
It is tapered so when you tighten the screws it pulls it tighter around the shaft providing a good connection. the shafts need to have a keyway to make sure it doesn’t slip. Good luck.

@inmocean, hi yes that is correct. Regarding the torque I didn’t have an issue with it but if you are worried you can pick up a bigger coupling? It looks like the 130 H will work at 330Nm. The HRC 130 also takes the 1610 taper bushes according to this page : here

Good luck

17/11/2020 at 00:50

This is great, thanks for the info @jeanbono. I am faced with the same problem. I have a 30mm output shaft and the 20mm shaft from the Shredder.

Do I understand that correctly that I would then need:
– the same  HRC 110 H coupling that you used since it goes up to 45mm shaft size
– two taper bushes: 1610-30 and 1610-20

It does mention maximum torque 160Nm, though…did you have any trouble with that? Since the Shredder runs around 270 Nm (well, ours would in theory). Or am I getting sth wrong there?

Thanks for your help and greetings from Panamá,


05/11/2020 at 23:01

Hi @jeanbono 
I would like to know how the coupling works because i have the same issue, recently y broke a indian cast iron coupling (jaw copling) shredding some caps and a botlle of hdpe.

tell me if you had success shredding, thank you!

01/07/2020 at 20:59

Hi @klasu,
thanks for your pm
I have solved my problem with the coupling and this is what I used:
HRC couplings (this explains a bit what they are)
I had a 35mm shaft from the motor and 20 for the shredder
I used a HRC 110 H coupling : Here
and two metric 1610 taper bushes, one 35mm and one 20mm : here

the 1610 taper bushes are the correct number for the 110 couplings. If you chose a different size coupling, you’ll need a different number taper bush.
Here is a good table showing you the different specs for HRC couplings.

Good luck!
Let me know how you get on

17/11/2020 at 22:07

@jeanbono AWESOME. thanks for the help! Will see what I can get here in Panama or see if I have to import it.
Ahoy, Nike

06/07/2020 at 13:42

Hi @jeanbono,

thanks for the info. I didn’t know, such taper bushes exist. Such machine stuff is not part of my every-day-knowledge. I found an online store in Germany for such things. For other german-speaking readers: they are called Konus-Spannbuchse. An adapter for a coupler to bridge different diameters.

Kind regards

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