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Soundblok – from the music producers perspective

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iionas iionas

Soundblok – from the music producers perspective

13/01/2015 at 21:23

Hello guys and girls, long time reader, first time poster (and newly registered).Just some thoughts Id like to jot down herewhich I think this particular bit of Blok can pick up and well save the day.Being a music producer I strive to have the best quality for my end mixes before they go off to the label etc etc we all know how it works here.However, I use my phone a Sh*t load to test my material via dropbox (standard procedure). I test in the car, several types of headphones etc.Couple points id like to make, some of the guys in other topics specified multi jacks etc, id like to see 6.3 mm jack out and of course a 3.5mm. Why?Simple, Id like to take My Apple headphones, my Klipsches, my sennheiser HD650’s and my AKG702’s to test everything out.Most producers like myself normally love to take it out and test it and cycle headphones (a reference point or many in my case)Next point id like to add is that the Blok will need to be amplified (obviously its amplified already but some high end power to give the necessary power to the higher end headphones such as the AKG & sennheiser HD’s at a small glance) mostly on the 6.3mm side.Now lets push this a little more, the possibility for a mic input (would figure you guys would do that anyway) and a better audio engine (sound card). By saying this getting input from sound card makers such as RME, Motu, Apogee (apple I think it is?) and so on. Also perhaps providing some inputs for those who’d like to attach they MIDi devices and just jam for the sake of it, theres a huge market for this and a lot of people have to go buy converters, cables etc etc etc. Ill generate a bit more and put it up here.Personally Id love to see this happen, Id drop my iPhone 6 in a minute for one of these batboys!

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13/01/2015 at 21:27

Basically I want a kick ass sound card! Sorry if my post doesn’t make a little bit of sense here and there, am extremely tired!Thank guys

14/01/2015 at 02:52

Hi iionas,Nice suggestions though much of them have been brought up before. On our part, we’re actually in the midst of developing an audio blok and we love to hear your ideas and feedback. Check out the thread below: https://community.phonebloks.com/forum/view_topic/22/2289/Sound-development/Sennheiser-audio-blok-development-questionscomments

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