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Steel type for cutting the shredder pieces?

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Natalia Lavie ntlavie

Steel type for cutting the shredder pieces?

11/06/2019 at 20:34

Hello people! How are you?

We are barely starting the process to build the shredder in our Design University here in Uruguay, we are about to buy everything needed. The first i have been asked by the supplier is WHAT TYPE OF STEEL SHEET DO YOU NEED?
I mean, there are different steel qualities: 304, 430, etc.

Any help on this?

And i have another really important issue to solve, where do i get these pieces from? what´s that piece called in english or spanish?

Thank you guys for any help you can provide to us!

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12/06/2019 at 12:12

It’s a UCFL204 bearing. Should be available just about anywhere and they are cheap. As for steel if using stainless you probably want AISI 304 also known as A2, other grades are more expensive and no better for this application.

12/06/2019 at 13:27


just a few remarks:
– the bearings UFCL204 output 20 mm is crap in many ways : you need to align all pretty good and even though, it may brake as reported multiple times
– stainless for plastic crushing is known a bad choice unless you want shred only occasionally mild stuff or food
– mild steel is ok for the entire housing, mobile and stationary blades can be in stainless too but if mild steel, you can harden them
– welding a stainless housing requires pretty good equipment; a stick welder can leave you quite a mess (anti spatter spray)

12/06/2019 at 13:37

so if want to get the max. out of your invest or you’re trying to crush PET, consider at least 32 mm hexbar & 30 mm shredder shaft and UFCL206 bearings, even though it seems a brutal job for this thing.

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