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Step #2 – Finding a piece of land

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Step #2 – Finding a piece of land

20/05/2018 at 15:07


Before we go in details about a piece of land, make sure to watch the step #1 video on projectkamp.com and read this post here.

This topic is to discuss options to find a piece of land, i’m sure there are many places available but hard to find them all from a laptop in the Netherlands. This this topic is to share ideas, sites, listings, pictures of land that is available. You might even have a friend that has a piece available.

Specially in early stage we are quite easy, never bought a piece of land so would like to explore options. A few (flexible) guidelines though.
– Netherlands would be cool, otherwise or Europe.
– Close to an airport or train station (max 1,5 hour)
– Enough surrounding green land around it.
– River in it would be sick! Otherwise we will digg a lake 😀
– Possible to live there with multiple people
– Max €80K, i guess…

Hopefully you guys are able to help out! The person that finds the land gets its own statue with name on the land. Eternal Project Kamp fame ✌️

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25/06/2018 at 22:39

sounds like an interesting location @lisedecoulandon! You got pictures/info of the land?

26/06/2018 at 08:38

Here it is https://goo.gl/maps/o3cBqXByfEL2 but the pointer isn’t exactly
1.6 ha arable land and 0.4 ha trees. Hedges all around. Sunset and sunrise.
Licence for an agricultural-education project.
Have a nice day,

30/06/2018 at 15:15

I am in Latvia and have a place for sale with 2 ponds plus a Mill Pond and river, up river a couple of hundred meters is a big lake. Lots of buildings needing repair, old water mill, old brewery, Manor house, farm managers house and so on and they used to make bricks here…. 4 hectares plus more available,  hour from airport and capital, just I want more than 80K for it…It needs a community to make it live again! Seriously Latvia might be a possibility, it is in the EU so many on here wouldn’t have a problem. Land here is not as pricey as some parts of western europe. Maybe I could find something here for your Kamp if you have a better idea what you are looking for?

02/07/2018 at 22:07

Hi All,
If you look at a place in The Netherlands, think about Fort Oranje in Zundert, Noord-Brabant. This special place was negatively in the news because of its inhabitants. The local government put an end to all the illegal activities and everybody had to leave and clear the campsite.

Look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow5JFWCN4rc

If you want to make a chance to become the new future of Fort Oranje: talk with the local government of Zundert. At this moment they don’t know what to do with the place, so the idea of Project Kamp may come just at the right moment. Come with a solid, environmentally plan (for example to use the current debree for new buildings) and let the Kamp have a close connection with nature, just like how the local government wants it. Small rivers (Turfvaart, Bijloop, Aa of Weerijs) are near the campsite and may provide fresh water.
The local government doesn’t want problems with Fort Oranje like they had the past years, so convincing them that this Kamp will be different than the last one, will be a challenge…

What do you think?


Greetings, Ruben

04/07/2018 at 04:09

+1 for help in North Carolina should you decide to cross the pond. I’m an hour away from Cordane, in Asheville, NC, and have built an off-grid homestead with harvested water and solar power with greenhouse, fruit/berry plants, among a beautiful hardwood forest. I’m already planning to build another couple small houses on my 1 hectare and a workshop.

Some of us from Asheville are already forming a zero-waste group and looking into large-scale wast re-utilization options (e.g. Konlix process to make bricks from trash). 45 minutes away from me across the border in Tenessee, there are some rural counties that have no regulation or building codes (e.g. Cocke County, TN) if you don’t mind bluegrass music.

09/07/2018 at 03:59

seems like cool if in indonesia…. but i dont have land that wide

11/07/2018 at 21:38

HI Dave, I have 40 hectares in Spain, just outside of Barcelona, 85 km. Forest and  vineyards .. Our ideas totally match up. Happy to discuss or guide you to your own property.. there is a lot available but its not that easy if you don’t have a construction permit on the property itself. groeten, Lars

17/07/2018 at 08:01

you got more info @wickedstylish? Sounds cool!

17/07/2018 at 10:09

sure @davehakkens .. please see top view of the property.. and the high light could be ‘yours’.  It is in El Pla de Manlleu .. maybe better to have a Skype or call to discuss the options. Cheers!


17/07/2018 at 10:49

yeah, that’s a nice area, we have our wood working center just around the corner, and soon a metal work shop. there are also the more cheap suppliers around but the best part: awesome beaches! The downside: There is also a nuclear plant and huge area of chemistry industry, I’d be happy to see projekt kamp there. count on our full support 🙂

17/07/2018 at 11:15

@anne-barbier, Thanks for your support.. I am more down to Vilafranca del Penedès over Manlleu close to your wood center… 🙂 I saw your full equipped shredder already.. cool! I might swing by to have a look at you you guys are doing. Wood + metal is a winning formula for me, and that with recycling plastic .. Speak soon! Lars

17/07/2018 at 22:22

this is the greatest idea yet from Dave, keep sharing within the forum everyone this is a powerful project!


19/07/2018 at 00:05

Hi !
I know a way to find lands. It consist to search them by visiting pieces of land. Go where you think you can find your, than check if there is what you want, river, nice vegetation, nice trees,or other requirements. If you find the perfect one, contact the owner and propose him an offer. It will cost you less money because the owner didn’t have in idea to seel his land.
The negative point is that it take a lot of time.
The positive point is that you’ll have exactely what you want and it will cost you less money.

27/07/2018 at 10:07

Hi Dave,
I live in Ungersheim (Northeast of France) a little village in ecological transition, which has had some echoes in french medias. Some of the electricity comes from photovoltaic panels, the school bus is a carriage pulled by a horse, canteen food comes from the fields of Ungersheim, etc.. And all of these actions come from the mayor of Ungersheim : Jean-Claude Mensch. He is a very committed person who put all his ecological thought in the village. So, in my mind you have common points with him, and if your project seduces him I think he could find you a nice piece of land for a low price, or more I don’t know.
In any case, there are fields, forests and rivers.
It is 35 minutes from the airport Basel-Mulhouse.
You can check me for more info !
Robin, 23

29/07/2018 at 17:29

what about costa rica? i am costarrican and working on the same ideas dave! if you feel the call around here, let me know, maybe we could co-create something nice. i have the land (enoughland, with river, ponds, waterfalls, forest, huuuge trees, space for animals, and more susprises),  and actually working on the permaculture master design (i am dedicated to permaculture and natural building) , the comunity where the land is, is call LA ESPERANZA, that means THE HOPE (epic huh?) i started reading more about your projects because this comunity needs one container set up to start recyling everything and cleaning the rivers! i am actualy working with the local goverment. here we definetly dont have that amount of laws, we are very free, and also the country goverment is pushing and helping more and more the people like us and our proyects!
[email protected]
Joel Vega (506-86761991)

30/07/2018 at 18:05

My family owns a 5 hectares land in the Philippines it is located on Sampatulog, Alubijid, Misamis Oriental a 32 minutes travel from Laguindingan International Airport a few blocks about 200-300 meters is a river you can use as a water source. Whats the good thing about this place are people whose very hospitable and fun to be with. I hope this help 🙂

31/07/2018 at 14:26

Ciao Dave and everyone else.


what a beautiful idea…I really support it and happy to know more people are doing this life change. If I see something interesting I will update you.


It is 4 years that I chose to leave Rome and live more in a natural and simple way, so I moved to the woods next to a small town. I experimented and enjoyed getting back to “real” life…


now time has come to spread this way of life I decided to open a farm based on the principles of Permaculture and sustainable living. I found a 7ha piece of land for 65.000€ in central Italy with a mini river, caves and forest. There is also a structure of a 90sqm house that needs to be finished.


The project will be based on circular economy (recycled plastic, coffee grounds & mushrooms, micelium and also composting methods) and my goal is to be soon selfsufficient.

I am planted and will be planting ancient variety of fruit trees and will give value to what grows spontanious from the land. Everything that we will do in the farm will be also used as education for kids, families…evryone,  to re-create the sense and power of community that sadly is being ignored.

I will build a tree house, buy some yurts and many other types of eco-structures. Guests and friends will be able to choose where to stay, how much to spend, only if you can spend :-). it will be possible to stay for “free” by exchanging knowlegde and collaborate together too.

I will open a little “trattoria” where guests will be ablo to eat what we will grow directly from the garden and learn the process of making food from A to Z.

i am helping my friend that produces hemp and soon I will plant bamboo trees for sustainable timber too.


I am working on this project since 3 years and would love to help you out if you need off-grid ideas.


Talking and understanding “Permaculture” is the future too, so very happy PP-people are talking about it.


http://ecovillaggi.it/ this is the italian network for Ecovillages…they are spreading!!!!


Just keep in mind that, depending where you find the place, you will have to deal with local permitts and laws regarding building etc. (but for sure you all this already).


Soon I will start also a little PP lab (in a secoond hand/old school bus  that I just bought) where i will experiment first to try and do:

– irrigation systems for agriculture, tools etc.

– musical objects and much more.

– climbing grips.


I am collaborating with one of my friends which is organizing a bar-tender world cup for eco friendly ways to bartend by trying to minimize waste. Such as straws etc (love the no-straw policy you made in the past).


So if you need anything do not hesitate to contact me…

I will be looking to find a spot for you all in this future months.


FOR our community:
I have some friends which are working with me but we will need also a hand to make sure all this projects will be done. So feel free to contact me if you are interested on any of this projects just let me know.


big up to everyone!



email: [email protected]

31/07/2018 at 23:07

This is not really related to finding land but it is another project out in the world similar to Project Kamp. Worth looking into to get ideas of how to build a sustainable community/neighborhood.


01/08/2018 at 12:28

Hello, I live in Carballedo, Galicia, it is an small town hall in north Spain. It is tottally green, with just farmers mechanics and workers arround. Carballedo is 139,6 km2 and have around 2500 people living in here, but its full of abandoned villages waiting to be buy and recycle.
Carballedo is getting more and more uninhabited every year so it is full of economic goverment helps to run business and very accesible to have licenses

I almost forget, it is 1. 15h to Santiago de Compostela airport, 30 min to Ourense´s Trainstation.
Around it are a lot of rivers, springs, wells and lakes. It is in ¨La Ribeira Sacra¨ very important D.O.P of spanish products.

10/08/2018 at 12:36

Hi Dave!
Maybe you already know about this, but I thought to share it anyway:

A project in wales , you can have the land if you follow certain rules, and for what I understood your idea would be great!

10/08/2018 at 13:48

if you are still in portugal , go to mochique area that was just burned down.  i-m positive some of the people that would be interested in selling. there are some rivers there some places are frost free very few places in europe like that. plus is cheap if you go deep in to the mountain area. but i would advise renting from santa casa da mesericordia they will do 20 years renting. i would advise renting not buying.

15/08/2018 at 05:27

Hallo Dave

Ik heb vandaag je websites bij toeval gevonden.  Geweldig initiatief, precious plastics,  maar ik kwam ook je Project Kamp tegen.   Nu wil het geval dat ik soortgelijke ideeën heb.    Ik woon al ruim 30 jaar in Colombia vlak bij Pereira, zoek mij maar op op je community map.

Ik heb hier zo´n 10 Ha land in het centrum van Colombia,   Op het stuk grond heb ik een champignon kweekerij en zoek naar mogelijkheden mijn hele bedrijfsvoering om te gooien en/of nieuwe dingen te gaan doen. Ben de consumptie maatschappij meer dan zat.

In Principe heb ik mijn eigen Project Kamp, al jouw ideeën en die van mij hebben veel overéén komsten al starten ze van een verschillende situatie.


ik heb geen idee of Colombia op jouw mogelijke landen lijst staat, maar mocht dit het geval zijn laat het mij dan weten dan stuur ik je wat meer informatie oven de streek waar ik woon en de mogelijkheden.

19/08/2018 at 09:30

I’ve had a similar idea all my adult life. The following is just a different perspective on your pitch for this project . We as a growing collective of intelligent , passionate and driven human beings and need your help. Our aim is to provide a template through open source, how to sustainably build a fully self sufficient community with minimal impact on the land or environment.
To accomplish this goal we are looking for land. The parameters we are looking for are….fill with what you want. But I’d suggest land that has flat and undulating qualities also. Just cause people live on all types of terrains and environments and they will be looking for answers from you long-term.
It would be awesome to meet someone who has been very successful at what they do, but just want to change their way of living. Has thought about it and realized I have too much wealth and I want to make a real difference in the world. But how?
If you are a passionate person like this come join us. Unfortunately the major hurdle we face is the land. If anyone has land you can donate to the cause please let me know. This would allow our think tank of motivated people to concentrate on the major research, building , perfection and roll out a sustainability model for everyone, everywhere.
The following is just my opinion but leave out any reference about you individually.
And what you want personally, first time I watched this I saw straight through to your goal. Others might miss interpret what you want to accomplish over you wanting to setup your own little paradise escape. Who knows you might just engage with people who have not thought about it enough.
Like I said earlier just a different perspective from the other side of the world.

19/08/2018 at 10:09

very much appreciated @timthomson! The original message came straight from my innerself, unfiltered. But indeed its very much about figuring out a blueprint for the human collective then my own little paradise. In fact “our paradise” will probably always be chaos and under development. So thanks for writing out your point of view, going to use that perspective more often in writings!

And a small update for everyone else here

Project kamp got a bit slow down because of Precious Plastic V4. However still very much on the to do list! Now we are mainly focussed on east and south Europe. Now looking into different countries/climates/visa/policies for each area to narrow down search… We will get there, just a bit slower

20/08/2018 at 06:32

I have been thinking about this all day long it’s just how my mind works, and is just a suggestion to the entire pp community.
Dave is an inspirational leader, and I believe in my heart that project kamp is the most important thing for him to concentrate on. You just suffered through record breaking heat wave, and down under we are getting record breaking summer’s year after year. So I think  (personal opinion ) that instead of bringing everyone to you and the expense of that whole process. We the precious plastics community get together and build V4. Agree on what we want as a collective, have different people working on the process in a given time limit then bring every version together. Take the best from everyone and then the design should suit everyone, everywhere.
And by that time Dave may have jumped over the major hurdles that confront him to get Base kamp setup. I know he’s excited about v4 and I want him to be apart of it. But the sense of urgency to live sustainably has to take priority. As we need to save ourselves and the planets fragile balance of life. Please don’t get me wrong, once we’re all on that right path we the precious plastics community will still be cleaning up and restoring balance that way for generations to come.

20/08/2018 at 08:48

@timthomson, nice said. i’d love to see that. needless to say but at the moment v4 is designed with any consensus of the community, the v3 repo/site needs urgent updates, since a long time. i know personally quite some people wasting their time on pp because of that. as long pp isn’t really open up to a waiting and eager community it will stay as it is now: Dave Hakkens, being the biggest bottleneck, it’s far from a ‘open source’ project per se!

about land: land isn’t the problem, i know 4 communities next to me which dealt with that pretty easy. there are models to finance the purchase land with a group of people within 6 months just. The problem is rather to find the right people at all. There are quite some sacrifices one has to go through in such environment/project. Many of such projects fail in the long as I saw on my endless visits. However, I noticed that projects like this seem only to take off when those people were already friends long before. The less exposure/openness to the public/trespassers, the better! And mostly such people have a good job/decent income, needed for the funding model. I know only of one community in the USA which could manage without external jobs, can’t remember the name but they produce high quality cheese/kefir and they are able to pay all bills with ease…

20/08/2018 at 16:28

Kansas has an entire website devoted to giving away land to people who will move there. I considered it myself, but it’s the USA and you’d not want to get sick. You might want to talk to the people in Eigg in Scotland. They bought their own island and might be interested in having you join them.

20/08/2018 at 16:34

Here’s contact details on Eigg. They’ve won a bunch of environmental awards and have an economy that is based on tourism, which tends to include a lot of plastic being dropped.


25/08/2018 at 07:44

Someday I’ll share the story of how I got here tonight, but it does seem like synchronicity. For about a year I have been researching intentional communities, and spent a long time searching online for land. What I’m hearing from people who have been successful in this process, however, is not to acquire land until you have built your community.  I adore the concept of Project Kamp, but I’m unlikely to move to the Netherlands from the US. Here’s an idea … are there enough people interested in living in community to develop core working groups in a few locations to explore possibilities about eco-villages with recycling/workplace incubators?  I would be happy to help facilitate the process of sharing ideas and options for multiple villages organized around the brilliant ideas I’ve read about in this discussion.


05/09/2018 at 01:08

We are Gigi and Coco, 2 frenchies with a project that looks kind a like yours, but we included kitesurfing with it.
We already have a land in Colombia, in the Carribbean coast, in Santa Veronica, between Cartagena and Barranquilla, 2 cities with an airport in each one.
We’d love to help you find a land in Colombia, where you can buy it easily just with your passport, we could speak about it to our agent who is a really trusty person. Also, we definitly plan to built your machines as soon as we can, time flies as we need it for our plan too 🙂
Tell us if you are interested!

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