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Step #2 – Finding a piece of land

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Step #2 – Finding a piece of land

20/05/2018 at 15:07


Before we go in details about a piece of land, make sure to watch the step #1 video on projectkamp.com and read this post here.

This topic is to discuss options to find a piece of land, i’m sure there are many places available but hard to find them all from a laptop in the Netherlands. This this topic is to share ideas, sites, listings, pictures of land that is available. You might even have a friend that has a piece available.

Specially in early stage we are quite easy, never bought a piece of land so would like to explore options. A few (flexible) guidelines though.
– Netherlands would be cool, otherwise or Europe.
– Close to an airport or train station (max 1,5 hour)
– Enough surrounding green land around it.
– River in it would be sick! Otherwise we will digg a lake 😀
– Possible to live there with multiple people
– Max €80K, i guess…

Hopefully you guys are able to help out! The person that finds the land gets its own statue with name on the land. Eternal Project Kamp fame ✌️

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08/09/2018 at 05:41

Hi, Just been looking around @ finn.no for properties in Norway. There are a lot of big and cheap properties in Norway. Found a lot of different ones.

1 073 000 m² for 30 000 EUR:

10/09/2018 at 22:45

Hi. Super good idea. Just bough a pice of land with two houses and 20000m2 of land in Sweden for 15000 euro. It’s super cheep and in the middle of the forest with river and a big lake nearby. 3h by train from Stockholm. Bough in June and planning to do the same thing as you are planing to do. Small houses all over for living and workshops. Big house with shared bathrooms and kitchen. And a big workshop of course. I’m starting the project in october. Pm me if you want some tip. (Buy a backhoe loader the first thing you do, helps a lot to plan the land and you can always sell it later)Greger

11/09/2018 at 15:37

Portugal would be great! We have a lot of small “abandoned” villages, good weather, nice people. Almost every family have some land not being used (with houses or not), and, since we are also a small country, everything is near everythig.

Check for instance places near “Serra de Montejunto”, I have contacts there if you like… There are even water/windmills! We have also nice renewable energy projects going on, like coopernico.org.

This project is the dream of everyone who is a conscious person 🙂

11/09/2018 at 17:29

Hey Dave,
Corinne speaking,
I wrote you about lands in Colombia, and this is still valid if you wish.

If you wish to stay in Europe, I just remembered talking with my folks, that my parents have a bunch of big lands in and around the village of Carnide, near Pombal, between Porto and Lisbon, in Portugal then.
They cost truely nothing, we do not use them, we just are obligated to clean them in order to avoid fires.
So if you are interested, please contact me and it will be a pleasure to send you the details.

Good luck chosing!

17/09/2018 at 16:52

привет, Дэйв! Вы ищете лагерь в России? Возле Байкала? Здесь есть замечательное место для лагеря, много пластикового мусора для переработки и чистейшее озеро Байкал. Прошу вас как можно скорее ответить мне!

17/09/2018 at 17:03

Здесь находится множество незадействованных заводов, Зимы холодные и снежные очень красиво. Звезды видно очень хорошо. Место плодородное и требует помощи! Прошу вас скорее прочитать это сообщение. рядом находятся небольшие горы, воздух свежий. Прошу вас, умоляю. Помогите спасти нашу природу.

19/09/2018 at 14:42

@javierrivera I also had the idea to create a new land in the ocean from recycling plastic trash, but it isn´t as easy as it seems. Every centimeter of ocean (near coasts) is part of a country and it means that you always have to ask the government/authorities for allowance. Especially in Europe it is a problem, because they (their laws) can´t handle a project that might grow with time…

19/09/2018 at 14:49

@aukrbsv Мне нравится этот пейзаж в России. Хотя мой русский уже не так хорош, я хотел бы посетить его, как только лагерь будет размещен в России.

19/09/2018 at 15:26

@rayvenseyer  I would like to set up an workspace at the Philippines as well. But my idea was a land on the island Cebu (maybe not too far away from Cebu City), because there are very big waste deposal sites with lots of unused plastic trash.
What is your plan? Do you want to set up a project on your own?

19/09/2018 at 15:32

@davehakkens I would like to suggest Austria as headquarter for your Kamp, but I guess land here is maybe too expensive for your project. For 80K you just may get around 5000sqm in an area which is far away from an airport or train station. Governmental restrictions and laws are as well a problem, because if you buy land (a forest for example) you are not automatically allowed to build a house. I guess there are lots of countries with laws which are easier to handle… 🙁

22/09/2018 at 19:57

I don’t know if someone has said something about Spain, but there is a huge area that has almost no population. It’s called “la estepa iberica” if I remember well. In Spain, there are TONS of places that you can buy. They are mainly abandoned villages.

24/09/2018 at 11:56

Hi guys,
while you’re all waiting for the elusive piece of prime real estate to appear….i can highly recommend y’all getting to know the work of this old  professor hero of mine  – https://desertification.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/bottle-towers-eng-tours-de-bouteilles-fr-willem-van-cotthem/
-seeds,sun and some good ole fun lovin trash 😉

its never too late to start (…or early for that matter)

01/10/2018 at 10:02

I would suggest land in proximity to the ocean because of the amount of plastic floating around in all the our seas. As we solve the ocean plastic collection systems then having the plastic material could be delivered right to the doorstep instead of or in addition to local collection. As they say a bigger net catches more “fish”

05/10/2018 at 09:45

Hello Dave!

What do you think about Russia?? 🙂
30km from Anapa (airport). The Black Sea.
check ( 45.098732, 37.563344 ) on google maps
There are 600!!! gectares very good soil.
280 sunny days in a year.

let me know if you interested in.

12/10/2018 at 17:02

Hi There!

More then one ago we wrote a similar plan for a government-initiated contest. We became 2nd. The one who got the 1st place, was a large company (with a boring, corporate plan). It’s in The Hague, close to the station and 15.000m2. Every time I pass, still nothing is done with the land. We could try to get this working again. Let’s go to the government and see what happens. I’m in!

12/10/2018 at 17:04

Hi There!

More then one year ago we wrote a similar plan for a government-initiated contest. We became 2nd. The one who got the 1st place, was a large company (with a boring, corporate plan). It’s in The Hague, close to the station and 15.000m2. Every time I pass, still nothing is done with the land. We could try to get this working again. Let’s go to the government and see what happens. I’m in!

12/10/2018 at 17:17

And we can tokenize it! Develop a Project Kamp Token for the community, incentivize human behavior. We can already start with a token without the land:)

25/10/2018 at 13:57

Hi Dave,

I’m Iggy (from London) and I run The Wildwork, a network of over 4,500 wildlife conservation professionals. I’ve been collaborating with a network of divers, business owners, conservationists, waste management activists, and NGOs in Eastern Indonesia. We’re planning to set up a collaborative workspace using your techniques on Flores island next to Komodo National Park.


We have big ideas for how we can use your technology and others to revolutionise the massive waste problem in Eastern Indonesia, which mostly doesn’t have good waste management infrastructure. In the long run, we’d love to use the waste to replace other materials like wood and cement, to tackle deforestation, pollution and climate change too… See the PowerPoint presentation of my plans so far, (also livestreamed on our FB page). We’ve got over 15 different businesses, NGOs, and environmental groups on board so far (see last few slides of the ppt). We’ve since also had Indonesian Waste Platform and DesignCrop add their hands in support of our ideas.


But I’ll cut to the chase about land – one of my supporters, Mikel (from Spain) is the owner of a dive/ecotourism island resort, and has bought some land he was planning to use for an eco growing and/or construction project. But he is very busy, and because of limited time and manpower, he can’t use the land for a project himself. I just got off the phone with him and after seeing your video for Project Kamp, and he would be interested in proposing this land to you guys to set up your community.


For a little more information on it:


– Terrain:

1000m2 flat land, easily accessible by road. This is ex-farmers’ land, vegetables will grow here. There’s a village of farmers 5min away who could help/be employees.

– Location:

20min North of Labuan Bajo town, Flores Island. This means around 20min from LBJ airport which is soon to be international.

– Power:

Not sure how viable wind energy is here, but already 6 solar panels installed with batteries – 1000watt/hour, power running, can easily be supplemented with a generator if need be.


200-300m away there is a river, water can be rerouted and filtered to be drinkable relatively easily and cheaply. Construction of an artificial lake or water reservoir is possible. There is also a waterfall a 2min bike ride away.

– Logistics:

You would need papers for the people who stay there – perhaps to be registered as a mini-company or NGO, and probably to hire local people (we know many locals who would be very keen!). Paperwork could be complicated as Indonesia is quite bureacratic, but rules and regulations can be worked around relatively easily.

Other information:

Mikel would love it if you were planning to create eco-products, recycle, bring local people or tourists in every week to visit or learn, etc.


In Labuan Bajo, there is a very strong collaborative network of expats and businesses who are keen to protect the natural beauty of the National Park and surrounding areas, as the town develops rapidly with income from ecotourism. A lady called Pam who runs an eco-design company (DesignCrop) also owns some land and islands North of Bajo too, and I’m sure she would be very interested, so I have contacted her too and will let you know what she says.


I don’t doubt that we in Bajo have a lot to learn from you and your team. I myself have also dreamed of setting up alternative communities in the long run as part of the Wildwork’s aims, with a focus on creating a way of life from scratch that safeguards nature rather than exploits it. If we could work together with your project and our supporters in Indonesia, we could create something awesome together.


If you’re interested and you’d like to chat more, don’t hesitate to contact me via email – we can arrange a video call and talk about how to save the world.


Best of luck with your awesome projects and hoping to hear from you soon,


Raphael “Iggy” Coleman

30/10/2018 at 18:25

Hi Dave,

Loved your video, really in line with what I’m in the process of creating with a group of likeminded people, and I love how you bring it. It inspires me to do something similar.

First off, soms ideas for land in NL:

Second, if you’d like to talk about who you want to do this, and to see if perhaps we can find each other in a collaboration, let me know. You’ve got my email.

Third, I’m curious about the online sharing you wish to undertake, as it is something I’m keen on doing as well. So, see ‘Second’ :-).

All the best!


31/10/2018 at 10:56

Hi!! You should contact Earthship Biotecture. They build almost entirely with recycled materials and they do wonderful off grid buildings. They have similar projects and some offgrid communities thriving already! Actually, there’s one starting right now in Peru, in the Sacred Valley. If you want more information ask me. 🙂
My mail: [email protected]

31/10/2018 at 16:56


That’s a great idea. Some friends have started talking about going to Mexico. It looks like the last session for this year starts tomorrow, but I will email you at your gmail address. It will come from [email protected].


02/11/2018 at 10:54

There is a town in New Zealand, Lake Waitaki for sale @ NZ$2,8 million.

I live in South Africa and we have a little town that is self sufficient. The Chinese visited the town to see how they operate. They even have their own currency.
I have a GuestHouse and if you want to come and visit us, I will take you to Orania.

Danie van Heerden

11/11/2018 at 02:59

que requisitos debe cumplir ?

11/11/2018 at 22:17

hi everyone, thanks for the wonderful suggestions! good to know there are still quite some amazing plots available in the world. Although I’ve been quite occupied in the last months setting Precious Plastic V4, getting people onboard and setting up a workspace. But Project Kamp has been very much in my thoughts. After going through the options, seeing which areas makes sense and where we would feel at home we decided to narrow down to Portugal!🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

Also noticed being flexible actually makes it more difficult to find land, to many options. So here some requirements:
status: for sale or any other official and secure longterm contract
size: min 10-12 hectares
budget: +/- 60.000
transport: (max.) 2h away from a bigger city/airport
possibility to work the land (digging for lakes/wells), grow food, and construct buildings
nice to have: water source (lake, river…), trees/small forest

Let me know if you know anything, anyone, a website, an owner, a plot whatever that could help us to find our Kamp in Portugal.. 🙏

12/11/2018 at 00:48

Hi Dave,
actually I don´t want to to come out as an ant tattoo professional 😉 … but:

if you use https://maps.openrouteservice.org it might help you to narrow down your search even within Portugal a little bit more. As you can use Isochrone calculation around any place there. Even if you just calculate one hour (!) isochrone areas around the ten biggest cities of portugal you have already covered 1/4 of the whole country. I suppose, if you would calculate it with two hours (which is one of your requirements) then you might have nearly covered the whole coastline of Portugal.
So, … I don´t think that the requirement of “2h away from a bigger city/airport” might not realy be helpful 😉

cheers Karsten

12/11/2018 at 00:51

sorry, wrong picture …

13/11/2018 at 15:26

Hi Dave &  PP’ers,
Portugal…good choice!
a few qs, random thoughts & ideas…just in case ;-

-location within 1 hour (e)bike ride from a (surf) beach?
(do the guys at “langbrett” know of the kamp project ?..theyre experienced portugal visitors – build surfboards there,and may have some insider tips)

-search for an area where there’s possible collaboration with a local authority or NGO to cooperate with a (marine) research/ ecological remediation project?(portimao estuary?)

-set up a voluntary behavioural modification programme (plastic separation) for the explosively growing “baby boomers driving white fridges” generation…a “plaslovian” no’s 1 to 7 training  to help leave the coast cleaner than when they found it….and you know, vacuum clean the beaches and stuff – we’re paying their pensions right ? 😉

-in order to explore challenges and create solutions for global problems( if that was the core intention of KAMP ?) – could it be interesting to make a priority of conducting experiments in the most arid region available to develop relevant low water agriculture,pumping technology (reinder tijens revisited rope pump) and storage solutions? …it could also have potential knock on synergy to share pragmatic,potentially life changing developments with local portugese minorities from african descent and their increasingly climate challenged ancestors (eg. cape verde)
who knows, – there may even be support on an institutional/eu level for constructive cross pollinating initiatives?

-could it also be an interesting option for diversity to have a (smaller?) property in 2 very different locations instead of one large? (environmental zone/geographical & surf types 😉

btw, i made an offer on a property a couple of years ago that probably would be a dream for you guys – 10 min drive to praia la rocha, permit to build with water well,6.5 hectare with several valleys ( real surface area probably 9 hectares), 75 metre height difference(great for solar pumped storage water/power),small forest with big trees, upper lake & upper/lower vehicle access & parking – have fotos/video somewhere….its probably sold now – but who knows (asking was 65,000)

-last but not least what ownership or share model are you looking at?
i may be able to recommend a very experienced,creative co-operatie expert if thats still a grey area

#more concrete;-
i missed out on the DDW open days at PP, so if it works out i’d like to drop by your  workshop in eindhoven sometime soon and;                                                                   1.share a plastics related book for feedback (true story) ..i’m trying to promote it

2.share a few pragmatic non destructive plastics  upcycling concepts

3.show off a sample of killer vegan kebabs ….for culinary feedback from vexperts

4.bring a new buddy  along to show him planet PP and maybe further discuss a faster way of paying for seeing eye dogs than….collecting plastic milk bottle caps (its very sweet but takes 11 million bottle caps per dog)…just by chance he’s also a brilliant blind designer called simon dogger …no pun intended 😉
btw – i’m also wondering how blind people could experience touching and identifying different plastic types due to their potentially more sensitive tactile abilities…like, do they feel material related differences that seeing people dont see in essentially similar daily household routines?

i live about 45 mins from eindhoven and if its appropriate  would like to combine a visit soon with other local errands and eventually share a few ideas/insights & plastic related prototypes  for feedback (and a few jaded superchoc recipes 😉

Terry (old nokia type)

PS. in case you guys have a plastics solution idea in the closet – maybe check out Dhruv’s december “plastic hackathon” supported by a vacuum cleaner inventor      ( who knows – maybe they also like KAMPing or know someone with  a lazy plot somewhere on the algarve? )

18/11/2018 at 18:30

good questions @terryball. I think the core of kamp is still shaping as we go.. Even now we learn a lot living/working with 40 people from around the world to develop pp V4. Did you end up dropping by at the open day? I know it would make sense for me to reply here, but so many questions, more fun to answer afk 🙂

18/11/2018 at 22:38

Hey all! Hehe thanks for the thought @freiblick.
And @terryball, very good points, thanks a lot!
That piece of land sounds very interesting to us indeed, could you send me some more details about it? I’m currently in charge of looking into properties, so always open for input and ideas 🙂
And feel free to come around, we’re curious about the vegan kebabs & superchoc recipes!

19/11/2018 at 10:54

Thanks for the positive reaction guys – long live evolution…i would have trouble just remembering 40 peoples names – so hats off there already
unfortunately i missed a visit to PP during DDW (but got a speeding ticket racing back from berlin to catch the last hours if intention counts for anything ;(

we still have find back the land details (it was a while back) but have good  foto’s and film i could show when i drop by …by coincidence i’l be attending a seminar today in veghel called “future of plastics” – so if its convenient for you guys it would suit me well to drop by afterwards later today (and btw – it might also be possible for one of your dutch speaking members to make a last minute attendance by mailing [email protected]…just in case 😉

i dont have any info about your address/opening hours – so if you have a link or info its also possible to mail me on [email protected]

looking forward to dropping by – and your culinary curiosity is highly valued ! 😉

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