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Step #2 – Finding a piece of land

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Step #2 – Finding a piece of land

20/05/2018 at 15:07


Before we go in details about a piece of land, make sure to watch the step #1 video on projectkamp.com and read this post here.

This topic is to discuss options to find a piece of land, i’m sure there are many places available but hard to find them all from a laptop in the Netherlands. This this topic is to share ideas, sites, listings, pictures of land that is available. You might even have a friend that has a piece available.

Specially in early stage we are quite easy, never bought a piece of land so would like to explore options. A few (flexible) guidelines though.
– Netherlands would be cool, otherwise or Europe.
– Close to an airport or train station (max 1,5 hour)
– Enough surrounding green land around it.
– River in it would be sick! Otherwise we will digg a lake 😀
– Possible to live there with multiple people
– Max €80K, i guess…

Hopefully you guys are able to help out! The person that finds the land gets its own statue with name on the land. Eternal Project Kamp fame ✌️

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13/05/2019 at 21:15

@kabouterbeweging, don’t even bother asking;

13/05/2019 at 21:44


No point in having someone else owning all the fuel. Monopoly is a game and when someone has won it’s supposed to go back in the box. Eat the rich. Taxing them is supposed to ensure that and it is our responsibility to make sure those policies are implemented.

Society is currently just following the path of least resistance. Couldn’t say that that is cause of any frustration. The Netherlands having a relatively big middle class filled with people with jobs who have to pay their mortgages. In France and the UK on the other hand that middle class was mostly diminished after 10 years of governments implementing ruthless austerity on it’s citizens to bail out the banks after the 2008 financial crash with tax payer money. In the UK part of the people voted for Brexit. In France we have the Gilets Jaunes still going strong. Either way the Netherlands is a tax haven for big businesses. Adds to the veneer between us and the particle board reality of neo-liberal capitalism. Which will consume everything in the end. Even human rights like privacy, housing, decent jobs, health care, education and more…

No what is cause of frustration is putting band aids on symptoms while declaring yourself to be tackling global problems. Yes sir with a “can-do” attitude and a bit of elbow grease we can clean up this mess those darned corporations left in their wake. Those consumers don’t know any better, just leave them in the American dream which has colonized every western mind like a contagious fungus. It’s called progress.


No we’d rather be nice, pose for the camera, edit ourselves and press like. Avoid confrontation and critique at all cost. Ignore your neighbor, Move down south, and make sure you look good while doing it. 😉

13/05/2019 at 23:55

Much of the statement on the problems I agree with, the question is perhaps one of what is the solution?

The RSA have some great podcasts which discuss this. Including discussion on the illusion of meritocracy and problems with technocratic neoliberal capitalism and much more. One of the first ones is on youtube here https://youtu.be/qOP2V_np2c0 the podcast is on here soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/the_rsa

On solutions, Greta Thunberg and many others talk about a circular economy. A completely different paradigm to our current abstractive system. I think it’s fair to say PreciousPlastics is a part of that. Unfortunately the economics of recycling are volatile and community scale even more so. However, many of us have been working on a business model and there is some potential. If optical sorting works, then it might not be long before PreciousPlastics could be supporting basic wages. In more dramatic terminology, PreviousPlastic is building up a new economic system while the old one still exists. But to make that sustainable, people need a low cost of living, which is where project Kamp could come in.

My main work and interest is in climate change, decades of neglect certainly give reason for outrage. However I also see reason for optimism.  We see Marie Kondo’s approach (basically minimalism), becoming incredibly popular.  With minimalism being perhaps a practical alternative at a personal level to hyper-consumption which had somehow become the norm. We are now seeing ‘thrift’ stores, aka vintage or second-hand growing faster than fast-fashion in the

states. There are signs of progress.

We do need to engage with the current system, we need PP to be able to offer employment, we need it to work at scale to address the seriousness of the plastic problem. Remembering that 90% of biodiversity loss is from extractive industries, by avoiding anything new. Working towards not needing to extract any more oil for plastic and instead simple utilising what has already been extracted would create a radically different world.  People living in a sustainable way, such as in project Kamp and equivalents means people moving away from corporations and their greed. There is a lot of work on intentional communities which can be learnt from to save time and resources. It could be a centre for learning aswell as living, therefore engaging a wider audience and supporting wider change.

There are many steps in creating an equitable and sustainable future. A circular economy including community action such as Precious Plastic is one, sustainable living such as project Kamp another. Developing new economic systems and lobbying for them (i.e. Green New Deal) are all part of the same story.


Creating viable alternatives is a strong part of addressing the challenges of our time. Creating alternatives and implementing them as people are doing here is even better.

14/05/2019 at 10:05

…and let’s not forget it’s only the headquarters that’s moving, most of us will simply stand our ground in our local communities!


The headquarters never was about actual plastic recycling, it is about enabling plastic recycling, and this you can do most anywhere.

If your (more than) full time job is about plastic recycling, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to spend your free time in an environment without plastic? If only to recharge your batteries and being able to give another 150% once you go back in the field?


I absolutely agree it makes no sense for ‘Precious Plastics’ to move to rural Portugal. But it doesn’t, not really.

Dave is moving to Portugal to start a NEW project!


Don’t believe me?

Just look where THIS discussion is taking place:

On HIS website, on a SEPARATE forum (project kamp) from the Precious Plastics forum(!).


I have also done all that ‘hippie crap’ when I was his age, and learned a bloody lot, so more power to him.


And again: I am staying put in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, exactly doing what ‘we’ are now saying Dave should do.

Let’s stop playing the ‘blame Dave’ game and start spreading some healthy anarchy.


And why anarchy you might ask?

No bloody leaders needed!


We ARE a community .

Let’s start acting like one, agree to disagree and take the (good) fight to where it belongs, building on our strenghts to overcome our weaknesses.


Fighting amongs ourselves only defeates our purpose.

14/05/2019 at 10:46

– who does fixes the website ? the community has no access to it
– who does fixes the bazar and gives us a real forum ? the community has no access to it
– when do we get free trade ? the community has no access to it
– when can we exchange free items ? the community has no access to it
– when can we translate the website ? the community has no access to it
– how can we fix misleading and incomplete build instructions, the community has no access to it !
– who is in charge to manage the project ? dont tell me it doesn’t need a project manager, then you lost all the credibility I have left for you
– who is in charge for strategical and tactical decisions ?

it’s pretty much us, the community who has to pay now twice to get those things fixed; why ?

you want me to go on ?

14/05/2019 at 11:10

@ Donald


There is no Blame Dave Game happening. We are merely pondering the question if moving down to Portugal and recycling bits of plastics is going to affect any of the issues mr Dave mentioned in his Project Kamp introduction video.

As far as “open source” goes, there is not much open source about this platform. This process of setting up Project Kamp is merely distributed through a minute number of forum posts and youtube videos. All of it has the name DAVE HAKKENS plastered all over it. The only people that are involved and getting information about the process are the people surrounding Dave in Eindhoven.

Don’t call it an open source community if the whole project is centered around a couple of people in Dave’s immediate circle. Don’t be proclaiming to tackle global problems by melting down plastic waste and sell it as plastic crap. Most of which will slowly deteriorate into the environment in the long run anyway. It’s merely self-indulgence posted online.

14/05/2019 at 11:57

hmm.. maybe i should just go work at starbucks or something.
But why don’t you guys come to Eindhoven if you are so interested to help? IMPROVE the things we do wrong. Make us really “open source” We are open for you. Stop typing start contributing

14/05/2019 at 12:05

@davehakkens, that’s exactly your problem ! instead of forcing people to come to Eindhoven to be the ‘realpreciousplastic’, you better start realizing that PP is a loose pool of entities whom have much better life and R&D qualities than you could ever have or provide in bloody Eindhoven, simple as that. That’s why I also urged you roll out a proper platform, ‘Liferay’ has it all.
we are not teens anymore, please understand that there are folks out there who give 200%, it makes no sense to lock everybody out just because you want to keep everything under your control. If you can’t provide tools, platforms, let the others do what they can do best; count on us 🙂

14/05/2019 at 12:12

Well a job at Starbucks will in fact most likely lower your carbon footprint quite significantly. You wont be able to afford a car or a van so you can travel by bike. You wont have to move to Portugal and build an entire house because there are plenty of vacant properties in and around Eindhoven. Also travelling abroad will be less do-able because it basically will be to expensive on a minimum wage salary. That will lower some of your carbon footprint. You wont have to buy and build machines which will spare a lot of resources and energy. You wont have to use all that energy to melt down those plastics releasing those vapors into the air. No shipping costs either. Also the Starbucks minimum wage salary will facilitate a more minimalist way of living. Correct me if I’m wrong but lowering your carbon footprint is the goal right?

Wouldn’t be much to make videos about though.

14/05/2019 at 12:39

@davehakkens, starbucks, really ? how about you build a few of your own machines ? it’s enough to make some income for one, and you will finally start realizing what you’ve done to others with that so generous ‘opensource’ drawings.
all it takes is to get your hands dirty, from 8 – 2pm, 2 times the week only. in that you will also know what it means to be the real precious plastic 🙂

14/05/2019 at 13:42

to me it’s actually simple after figuring out the demand, interest and also hype about the precious plastic machines. it’s clear to me that we have to push harder the limits, much harder, it’s not done with a bigger shredder, period. It’s also clear to me that project kamp should not try to reinvent the wheel; I’ve seen many such projects, in many countries and only a few managed to make first things first right : have a decent living and ‘safe’ future. that means you need a hand craft in place which pays the bills (PP). From there you can archive all the neat things you think you can make better : circular economy, kilometer zero, name it …

it’s also obvious that you can’t just do a project here and there, it pays much better out to really focus on a subject for long, if you do things good, money comes by self. for instance we realized now there is no other way for us than getting a huge place (done) and put everything on PP and serve the local and global community with good machines and solutions which may create revenue (PET printers/grinders, print houses,…name it).

it makes zero sense to life on the minimum life quality edge and tackle such problems, sorry; it’s just insane, if you can’t take care about yourself, you certainly can’t take of others.

it may help to try understanding, that project kamp presents a good opportunity to run PP, the new way. micro manufacturing is the way to go. of course you can’t do that with a few solar panels 🙂

having that said, it should be clear that building this on bazaar fees, patreon and donations is plain and simple wrong; not sustainable. eating your own dogfood helps also increase the success of the project, it’s done that way since ages, in many industries and projects.

14/05/2019 at 14:36

@davehakkens, ‘stop typing, start contributing’ is the biggest slap in our face ever,  the height of this insult you just left here can be only beaten by the tools you gave us, sorry. you should shake your head in shame and apologize !!!
you want me to write down what the community already did and paid for you ? you want me to write down the health impacts we pay to fix your machines ?

14/05/2019 at 14:40

Well the only initiatives that survive in our current neo-liberal capitalist economic model are the ones that are profitable. If it isn’t profitable it does not have the right to survive. The markets decide and most of the eu and our national policies are written in accordance to this economic model. The European Union was founded by capitalists lobbying for open borders so that free markets could trade. Regardless of economic and cultural diversity.

In the late 60’s the socialist and counter culture movement was able to implement policy and regulation of an entirely different fashion. Labor unions, Social security, Education funds, Health care, Public transportation, Pensions, improving the quality of living for the working-class and essentially creating a large middle class that was able to grow and prosper. People gained massive amounts of social mobility and prospered from an entire array of new opportunities. How did they do this? Massive public movements calling for taxing the corporations and the rich. The redistribution of wealth. All of a sudden initiatives that weren’t “profitable” were able to exist and serve the needs of the majority of the people.

Essentially without government redistributing wealth you are not able to develop and sustain projects that are not profitable but beneficial to society and our environment. Didn’t Precious plastic got a 300.000,- euro award from Famae which is partially funded by EU taxpayer money and a couple of knighted academics and interest fund managers? Throw a dog a bone and it stops bothering you I suppose.


The occupy movement was making some big waves. But that was a movement without a goal. Sure, part of the ideology was pointing out the flaws in the neo-liberal capitalist economic system endorsed by our elected officials, but did not supply a coherent alternative ideology to change that economic system. With the current middle class sliding back into debt & poverty, students being robbed of their freedom and future taking up massive amounts of debt in exchange for an education.


The extinction rebellion is taking the discussion into the streets for the environment. The unions like bondprecairewoonvormen, housingforall etc starting to make waves as well. The decentralized crypto currencies are providing a relief from the stranglehold by the big banks and finance on our economic markets. This generation has massive resources and a massive opportunity to change this economic system before its to late. I would say lets stop working for profit, lets start working for social solidarity. The infrastructure and communities are already in place. I apologize for involving politics in this thread. But isn’t this an issue we all are facing? Regardless of living in the cities or in the hills?

14/05/2019 at 14:49

@davehakkens, we really expect an apology and a rectification of your statement ! it’s the worst insult and arrogance we’ve seen from you til now.

14/05/2019 at 15:01

monthly news #28 Guenter. wait for it 🙏

14/05/2019 at 15:03

Hei guys! I am not sure if this is the right place for talking about this. This is just a topic about finding a piece of land for Project Kamp. I agree that these discussions should happen talking about thoughts, political issues, organizations systems… and for sure there is a lot of knowledge to learn, to discuss and to share out there!
But I think that talking about this here is just making a mess in this topic. The goal of this topic is to share the plan and the proccess to find the land for Project Kamp (hopefully it could be useful for other people who want to learn about it or just be part of it) and this situations are only going to make more difficult the goals.

So… please think about it guys, we have a free forum where you can start another thread and talk about whatever you want.

Thank you!

16/05/2019 at 17:21

Agreed! But calling this project open-source prototyping a new way of living is a bit of a misnomer though XD

18/05/2019 at 13:49

@robb, yeah well; young people do what young people do best, messing around with everything; it takes a good portion of experience to fully understand what opensource really means, even after 30 years behind the screen I am still buffed about the interpretations one can come up with 🙂 good news is that the team in eindhoven has now more manpower but there’s more overall success from within in the community as well; i am in good faith that we’re getting there to something called status-quo; even though if I’d had to go there myself to remind them to periodically upload public funded research back to the community; lol; me sneaking through window and ‘stealing’ the v4 drawings just to get them where it belongs : github or whatever 😉

19/05/2019 at 20:36

beautiful to realise, that there are many thinking the same way as I do for couple of years,

I have this certain idea of creating the sustainable “town” full of workshops, culture and sports in Slovakia.

we have an amazing lakes, amazing climate, amazing soul without any affection of chemicals. many enthusiast most importantly (tired of living under the influence of communism or capitalism) and fruits and wine and plenty of land. just need to pick the right one :––––––––––)

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