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Styrofoam eaten by mealworms…

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Eric S alfadriver

Styrofoam eaten by mealworms…

19/06/2019 at 20:38

Just wondering around and surfing, a video talking about mealworms eating styrofoam popped up.  Which lead to a quick search leading to some research done by Stanford University- https://news.stanford.edu/pr/2015/pr-worms-digest-plastics-092915.html

Where they found that mealworms will eat styrofoam.  Or more correct- expanded polystyrene….  The bacteria in their guts break it down, and the result is waste that can be re-used and mealworms that can be eaten.

Something to look into for those of you fighting with polystyrene waste.

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28/08/2019 at 07:34

Hi all, I have set up a meal worm farm at my PP workshop in Robe, South Australia.  The worms eat the EPS and go through the full life cycle with no problems.  I have also had some coverage of this:

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