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Supplier for upcycled plastic phone cases

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Anna Proske anna-proske

Supplier for upcycled plastic phone cases

05/02/2019 at 12:51

Lovely Community,

my name is Anna, I’m from Germany, living in Australia at the moment.
After I got in touch with a lot of plastic issues when working for a social project in South Africa and also in Bali I always wanted to create a little brand around it.

So now I´m on the page already that I know what I want to do and therefore I search for a supplier who can or already makes phone cases out of up cycled plastic.
I don´t want to sell phone cases like that, I want to put a little twist on them but more in a private message.

If you can help me with my request. Please let me know.

Sunny greetings

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09/02/2019 at 12:53

Hi, I’m Martin from Nigeria, I have a cousin who runs a shop where he sells mobile phone assessories. I’m sure it’ll be great having your products for sale here in Niger as well

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