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Sydney, Aus – Precious Plastic Workspace

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g goodsamaritan

Sydney, Aus – Precious Plastic Workspace

04/09/2018 at 15:42

Are there any machine builders in the Sydney area that want to collaborate on getting some PP tools up and running? I’m addicted to recycling and have been spending all my spare time delving deeper into sorting this garbage out (so to speak). I have recently scrapped outdoor wicker furniture and have piles of black, white and brown HDPE wire like strands. I have also been collecting other waste streams consisting of childrens toys and general consumer packaging. I am currently breaking the plastics down with powertools, blades, pliers, hammers and scissors (my hands sure can use a break) as I am not adequately tooled up or skilled to make the necessary machines.

I am hoping to get some machines up and running so that we can take a generous bite out of these 300 MILLION METRIC TONS OF PLASTIC that are estimated to be produced each year.

I’m also keen to network with others that may not be technically inclined to make these machines but want to offer some manpower to the greater good of the Earth. I’m happily available to talk out some new collaborative ideas, take leisurely strolls through polluted communities and parks to pick up litter that may be headed to the ocean, experiment with plastics to better understand the value and risks with this material or even offer up my plastic collection to manually breakdown together until a machine builder comes along (beware: blisters may occur).

I’ve just scored a decent benchtop toaster oven off of Gumtree and will be melting and forming plastics in the near future (pictures coming soon).

Also, huge thanks to Dave Hakkens + Team and the Precious Plastics Community who have contributed to this amazing tool, empowering others to help make a difference <3

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06/09/2018 at 02:49

Just finished my first melt. Not much to look at but with a little jigging of the mould I think I can create some pretty nice looking disc’s. 100% recycled Backgammon game coming soon. This little chunk of reclaimed plastic is approx 18 grams. 999,982 more grams to go to reach the 1 tonne club.

10/09/2018 at 14:44

Hey, good job on your first melt.

My build of the shredder machine is progressing very slowly. I ended up importing the axle from a mob in Portugal since I had no luck sourcing the 27mm hex bar locally. Every week or so I’ve been checking out Gumtree and machinery auction sites for a suitable motor and gearbox but haven’t found anything yet. At this rate I’ll probably end up buying them new.

11/09/2018 at 05:41

@metalsnacks, Not sure if you’ve come across this Gumtree ad. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hornsby-heights/miscellaneous-goods/various-drive-motors-negotiable-/1170213984

It looks like it may be a bit of a trek, but might luck out and get a work horse at a bargain. This seller also appears to have had some connection with inderstrial recycling based on the other items they are selling.

Also happy to share in the cost of parts if you are happy to share the use of the shredder 🙂

11/09/2018 at 07:26

Thanks mate. Have sent the guy a message to see if he has anything suitable.

FYI, this is about the minimum requirement needed to power the shredder:
Single phase
40:1 gearbox to bring final speed to 70rpm

Only interested in single phase motors, otherwise it can’t be plugged it into a normal household powerpoint.

PS I have no probs in sharing the shredder when it’s up and running. Sharing costs to build it might get complicated, so for the moment I’d rather go it alone.

21/09/2018 at 10:29

Hey how is the progress on your machines going? I’m really interested in building a sydney based project of this so I’d love to follow your progress and if you have any advice about sourcing parts I’d love to know. Thanks

25/09/2018 at 11:58

@emily, I’m also pretty keen to get a local community upcycling project started here in Sydney. I have reached out to a couple of the PP AUS members in hope to locate a motivated machine builder that would like to join forces but have been unsuccessful to date.

What I am quickly understanding is that there are a few major requirements to get this going.

* Invested community members (not necessarily financially invested)
* Gathering space (workspace, office, cafe, home, park, container, etc.)
* Project plan
* Tools, time and energy

I feel that PP’s machines are extremely valuable to have a fighting chance on this war on waste, but understanding what machines your specific project requires to tackle this issue is far more valuable (also what recycle material you plan to work with). A lot of focus goes towards the machines outlined by Precious Plastic but I feel that the first tool to clean up this plastic pollution needs to be a sorting and cleaning system which is a bit messy but vital to the process (I have yet to find a low cost method/machine), all other machines can be tailored to assist with your desired output.

What are you wanting to create with recycled materials?

What is the cost + energy required to create this product?

What is the value of this product?

Does it then make $ense?

Hopefully we can build some energy within this thread and move to the next phase of communication “Meet & Greet”.

P.S. if you are looking for PP machine parts you can try @morethantencents, I believe they supply machines and parts but they are located in WA so may have some minor logistics challenges ($$$). There’s also this guy in NZ who is selling the laser cut parts for €360 (approx $585 AUD shipped) motor, axle and frame not included. https://bazar.preciousplastic.com/en/listings/475982-stainless-steel-shredder-parts-for-one-inch-hex-axle or many others selling machines and components. https://bazar.preciousplastic.com/?category=machines

26/09/2018 at 00:57

Good morning, Well done on your first melt G!

For the record, More Than Ten Cents is based in Darwin 😉 we don’t mind shipping the machines around Australia.


We are also starting a plastic makers space here in Darwin, similar but a little different to the original PP setup. The plan is a community space anyone can come and explore/use and to also run education sessions and makers workshops. (kind of like a Men’s Shed but different)


My suggestion to you guys in Sydney is to decide what you want to do (do you want a community space or a workshop for you self?) Once you have a plan, run with it, tell everyone you meet what your plan is, badger your local member for support, show folks the PP videos to explain your plan and watch the magic happen.


We have been really humbled by the support we have been given and these kinds of initiatives are obviously something the wider Australian community supports.


Our goal is to help communities establish 100 plastic makers spaces across Australia by This time next year 😀

26/09/2018 at 08:55

Hey guys if you need any info we have a space in melbuorne which is up and running we are about to launch just finishing the last touches with renovations.

28/09/2018 at 05:42

I’m definitely wanting to create a community based program.

I may have found us a space, I reached out to a number of community organisations and didn’t hear anything promising, but a friend of mine has a place in Petersham on Parramatta road and they have a bit of spare space in their garage they might let us use.

In terms of machine builders, I’m looking at making some more contacts at university, I know we have some machining workspaces that the university research people get stuff made through so I’m hoping that maybe someone I know might have some contacts.

Other than that I’m really just looking for more people who want to be involved. I’ve started reaching out to a few people on here but also in some local community groups and there are a few people who are interested.

17/11/2018 at 12:56

Hi there! I’ve seen you are a lot of people rolling your ideas in Sidney. I’m from Argentina but this december I’m going to Sidney with a work and holiday visa (my inicial plan is to stay there just five months but it could be longer). I’m interested in hearing how is this going. I’m chemical engineer and, although I’m going with the idea of working in any place that take me, I’d like to listen from you, help you in my free times (for free). So if you are interested, want to teach me and like the idea, contact me! It would be really amazing for me!

09/02/2019 at 00:24

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone out there built machines in Sydney? We are currently building machines in Sydney and would love people to get involved. or if you have already got machines we would love to collaborate! we are working in the inner west with some funding from the council to build the machines and run workshops. will keep you updated with progress.

We are beginning in the beginning with some samples from a sandwich press and the shredder motor. Let us know if you want to collaborate

13/02/2019 at 02:06

Hello @defydesign!  I am based in Sydney and super keen to collaborate.  I don’t have a machine and have reached out to MakerSpace which may be somewhere I could build them (with help & cost dependant).  Have you made your machines yet? What’s your plan for how to use them? Open to sharing?

I would be looking to meet up with like minded individuals to:
1) shred plastic
2) extrude for use in 3D printing

Also open to having a coffee with anyone in Sydney! 🙂

23/02/2019 at 06:28

Hi @cloolets and @defydesign!

we have all 4 precious plastic machines here (Forestville)  – everything up and running except the compression machine. As we both work full time and have two small kids progress is slow and we’re keen to collaborate with others.

Shall we meet up to discuss ideas?

Cheers Wes&Quin.

PS we work at UNSW and have acces & badges to all the makerspace there to make moulds

23/02/2019 at 07:53

That’s so awesome to hear Quin! I’ve run into problems trying to source the laser cut parts for the shredder section. Where abouts did you get yours from?
I’m actually using this project as my capstone for Engineering at UTS so I’d be keen to chat to you and anyone else who has a project up and running about how it’s working so far.

23/02/2019 at 08:19

Hi @emily,

happy to have coffee, what would suit? Bearing in mind we both work full time 🙂 (unless you wanted to come to unsw on a workday haha)

feel free to email some date/time/place suggestions to [email protected].

looking forward to meeting you!


27/02/2019 at 09:13

I am totaly keen to collaborate with anyone in the Sydney area.   @defydesign @emily @cloolets, @quin. Time is a challenge for me as well as I am a father of two, but willing to donate what time I can rustle up for the greater good of this planet.

I am up for a coffee most days and can reach most Sydney areas within an hours. Weekdays after 6pm would be an option on occasion. Also happy to meet at a public beach or playground on a weekend day as we can multi task by taking care of the kiddies, meet & greet and do a little litter clean up.

I would also love to see some of the PP machines and workspaces in the area if you are happy to display.

27/02/2019 at 10:58

Hi @goodsamaritan,

happy to catch up. We are on the northern beaches and have two kids – if you aren’t too far away maybe some time in the weekend? Kids could play? Ours are 5 and 8. Otherwise on a workday near Kensington (UNSW) would work too. Please let me know? [email protected].


11/03/2019 at 08:41

Hi all!

and we were thinking it would be fun to do a meetup. We were thinking sometime on 31 March around lunch time on Manly beach. We could meet at the main beach or on little manly beach which is better for little kids if any come along.

Anyone but us interested? Please reply 🙂

Wes & Quin

16/03/2019 at 09:55

Hi All,

Thanks @goodsamaritan for sharing this thread with me.

I’m a mechanical engineer and have some experience designing and building machines. I’m a big fan of the PP initiative and although I haven’t built any of their machines yet, I’m keen to participate in recycling projects and/or help out any way I can.

If anyone needs a hand with CAD design, drawings, fabrication stuff, etc or just a keen extra pair of hands, feel free to reach out.


16/03/2019 at 09:56

Hi @lewy what time would you be available? I think @goodsamaritan and we are flexible 🙂


17/03/2019 at 23:13

Another Sydney Local here – 31st is fine for me and I’ll reply to any updated info.

18/03/2019 at 02:07

@quin Just noticed you said you’re in Forestville, I’m in Belrose! One weekday evening we could meet up for a quick chat or come by and see what machines you’ve got and how to progress further.

18/03/2019 at 02:46

@quin I am available on the 31st to meet for lunch/around lunchtime.  Is this happening? Would be great to meet with more people! 🙂

18/03/2019 at 03:34

Hi guys,

Coincidentally there’s a beach cleanup being organised the 31st of March in Little Manly beach from 10am-12pm. It’s open to everyone, more details here:


I’m planning to attend and would be great to meet people there, or if you can’t make it maybe have lunch/coffee after.


18/03/2019 at 09:25

Hi all!







Fantastic that you all can meet on the 31st! I think we’ll struggle between 10-12 but let’s meet up at 12pm for lunch after. We could meet at the flags at the main beach at the end of the corso, we can bring a BBQ, we have a camping one. If everyone brings what they like for lunch we should set ourselves up at one of the picnic tables nearby.

happy to meet seperately, most week nights would work? Maybe next week sometime as this week is a bit busy. Could you make a suggestion for an evening next week?

looking forward to our discussion guys!

Wes & Quin.

18/03/2019 at 09:29

@Quin thanks for organising see you then!

20/03/2019 at 06:23

Hi everyone,

That meet up in Manly sounds great. I’ll be there.

Also, have you guys heard of the plastics recycling seminar that’s happening at UNSW tomorrow (21 March) from 5:00pm. I think it would be a great thing to go to since a lot is happening in this area.

For more info you can go to:




20/03/2019 at 08:21

Looking forward to see you @akrosinke and you’re welcome @cloolets!

send me an email on [email protected] if you can’t find me on the 31st.

its BYO food/drinks but we will bring a BBQ.

20/03/2019 at 23:00

Hi @akrosinke thanks for sharing  the UNSW event info. I’ll try my best to make it tonight.

Looking forward to the meet-up on the 31st


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