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The big ELECTRONICS topic

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Jerry de Vos jerzeek

The big ELECTRONICS topic

15/07/2017 at 22:15

Hi Guys,

I’ve been around now for a couple of months and I see a lot of the same questions related to electronics.
In this topic I would like to answer some of these questions.
In general its not complicated to assemble the electronics, just always be careful and don’t to stupid things 😊

The awnsers to the following questions will be in the replys down
– How much energy do the machines consume?
– Schematics for all the machines
– What parts do you need, and where do you buy them
– Tips and tricks
– decapping thermocouple
– wago connectors
– electronics of others

feel free to ask questions or suggestions for things i forgot 🙂

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21/07/2018 at 18:23

@sonik and @anne-barbier

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! Just to double check my understanding then…

If: a) the SSRs are attached to the metal control box (like in the PP video) and b) the control box is connected to the metal frame, then I just need to make sure that the base is grounded? Not the heating bands? So that will be one the ground cable from the power cord connected just to one element?

If that is correct, my next question is – where would you recommend to connect the base to the ground?

Thanks once again!

21/07/2018 at 10:42

@ollie2019 You must ground every metal piece which you are able to touch from outside and which could conduct the AC-power in case of a problem. As the injection machine is full metal, it is enough to ground the base for example, and to check conductivity on the handle and the barrel with a multimeter (beep beep in Resistance-mode)

20/07/2018 at 20:12

Hello everyone,

I’m working on the injection machine electronics, the only thing that I’m struggling with is what to do with the earth cable. We have an earth cable from our power cord but nowhere obvious to connect it to the band heaters. I think we have a couple of options: a) connect it in some way to the band heaters (but don’t know how) or b) ignore the earth cable all together (does this mean we should disconnect the earth cable connection from the plug?)

Has anyone had any similar issues, how did you resolve it? I’ve uploaded a couple of images that should explain things a little better. Thanks so much!

16/05/2018 at 17:51

amazing, thanks for posting your findings here!, saves me endless hours to get this all sorted.

10/05/2018 at 22:07

Hi there fellow recyclers!

First of all, thank You for this forum topic, it helped me a lot to understand the electrical working of the machines.

There are some gray areas left though, and I hope somebody can help me with this question.
Jerzeek posted the schematics (with reverse function) on this thread, and it is clear, but what I need help with is the motor protection.

Here I have two questions:

1. The contactors he recommended are good, but it would be even better if there would be the interlocking mechanism (which prevents the contactors to be on at the same time), and the overload protection unit posted as well here on the forum.

Question 1: Can somebody recommend me a contactor with interlock and overload protection for a 1,5 kW motor (3,6 Ampere at 400 Volts)?

Preferably with links to a site where i can order them, or at least a product number.

2. Besides the contactors and their overload and interlocking unit, do I need any other type/kind of motor protection? If yes, could someone recommend a model/link to the item?

Thank You in advance and hope to get some answers and wash the grey cloud to white 🙂

19/04/2018 at 20:34


so i have ordered all PID (sensor and SSR), button switch and band heater but do i need specific power supply unit? the diagram is unclear at the Vsource area. so my question is, do i need a specific power supply? If yes, what type of power supply i need to use? can u use PC power supply which got 1000watt? If this type of power source can be use how to assign the cables for all the electronics?

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