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The Dung Beetle Project

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Pierre popsci

The Dung Beetle Project

08/02/2018 at 20:00

Hi Everyone,
We are busy creating a waste plastic to diesel Gasifier, This is both an art project for the Africa Burns but also a teaching tool to train people how to use waste plastic for fuel and building materials.The Dung beetle will dungball will house the gasification system and this will be on top of a trailer. the trailer will be used as a stage for performing artist and eduction and all driven by fuel from waste plastic.

I am impressed with what you guys are doing and have included building materials as Step two of the plastic processing. I have downloaded your shedder files and is having it cut now. Thanx so much.

I am looking at some kind of output figures from the shedder. I realise thats dependant on various factors. Suppose you have a constant feed at 60 rpm thru the sieve you designed, what would you expect in cut volume per minute or even in weight.
It would be appreciated if you could give me an indication what to expect.

Well done with your efforts

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08/02/2018 at 21:29

We have our website up and running. Please see our project @ http://dungbeetle.africa/

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