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The Precious Plastic – Operating System


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The Precious Plastic – Operating System

02/10/2019 at 15:17

Hey there,

This is a follow up working out a auto-reverse and a number of essential safety functions for shredder and/or extrusion – combo machine : done.

There are a few more controllers in the pipe : precise extrusion controller (temperatures, speeds and feeds, based on community data), and a controller for an automatic injection – as extrusion addon.

All those controllers can run stand alone via traditional control panel and since they are all Arduino based, the next step seems logical and legit : an master controller to run them all – via a touchscreen app.

The ‘master controller’  runs on a RaspberryPI-4 which is basically a minicomputer which has strong multi-media support (eg: run tutorials/one-army content) but you can also connect a webcam and do some live workshops.

To enable more tinkering, I open  sourced yesterday an older Rapid-Prototyping software / interface generator which basically has everything : visual programming language and export programs interfaces as web-application. This is used in larger productions since long, mainly to for controlling advanced cinema & theater hardware. You can connect anything you like or use the language you like, even if don’t know programming languages, you will find your way. The entire interface will be created with this software and so you can always change it to your needs.

Here’s the current architecture.The left side, motor, extrusion, grinder, injection controller is pretty much set and clear.  But the right part like the uplinks to onearmy & workspace connectivity not quite yet. There is still some work todo first for the ‘Precious Plastic App‘. If you have suggestions, now is the time 🙂

see you in while 😉

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