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The quest for the ultimate extrusion screw

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Siemen Cuypers siemenc

The quest for the ultimate extrusion screw

15/02/2017 at 10:48

In the plans of the current extrusion machine a basic drill is being used in the barrel to push and melt the plastic to the nozzle. This seems to work, however, in the industry a different type of screw is used which compresses the plastic while it’s melting. These are way less accessible than the drill, for obvious reasons. So Dave had the idea of possibly trying to produce these ourselves. Therefore this topic will be dedicated to the research on trying to design/model/produce this.

I was quickly doing some research on this yesterday and it seems to be a world on its own with different designs of screws, different compression ratios and different “zones”. If there’s anybody that might have some experience or knowledge on this that could help out, let us know here.

I turned the basic idea for the screw design into a quick 3D model, to see if I would be able to model it. Now I need to find the right design requirements to turn that into the eventual 3D model, so we can turn this into a physical prototype.


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27/05/2019 at 20:53

Hello, I am considering making these screws by collaborating with a local makerspace who have a metal-capable CNC machine

My plan is to upgrade the CNC machine with a 4th axis

Can any of you offer any advice?

03/08/2020 at 08:13

Hello everyone,
In case extrusion screws run out of stock in the bazar or unavailable in your country, I found a supplier who provides extrusion screws, barrels and other accessories.
They both have 588mm and 790mm sizes.

Here the links :
588mm set (screw+barrel+nozzle or just separately)

790mm set (screw+barrel+nozzle or just separately)

Also a nice post to make your own filament maker :

TO precious plastic team : You can delete my message if you think it is not appropriated to send it here. I don’t advertise anything, I just want to help people to find this famous screw so difficult to obtain.


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