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The Recycling Store Project

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Max Bateman maxb

The Recycling Store Project

22/09/2018 at 14:38

Hello Everyone! ♻️


Like a lot of people here I watched this project from the very start. Two years ago i wanted to do something similar so started a small company called The Recycling Store.

I found a way to make it possible for people to sell there recycling to manufactures through us. I created a small team. Now, we are looking for funding for equipment and a space to work from and begin operations!

We are based in the UK and would be really grateful for any support!


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26/09/2018 at 14:29

Hello Max,

I thought about your project and I think in some countries (like Austria or Germany) it might be impossible to imitate your project, because here people automatically give their waste for free. It´s collected in some kind of container and the recycling industry has just to collect the container to get the trash plastic, glass and metal.

But in other countries (Philippines for example) where people already get paid for bringing trash it might work very fast, because there is no system like yours over there. I think your project is a great idea… 🙂

26/09/2018 at 17:35

the first link ends no where, the second link ends in a video, saying pretty much nothing, and your articles here as well. would you mind to add some more details 🙂

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