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Thinking to start a project in Montenegro

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Thinking to start a project in Montenegro

19/12/2019 at 11:44


My husband and I are recently settled in Montenegro. We are at a turning point in our lives and we are looking for a self employed activity which would match our values and expectations.

We have seen that a huge amount of plastic is abandoned in the nature in Montenegro, that no recycling process exist here but that it’s a big issue for this country. More and more people are concerned about that here and would like reduce the plastic impact.
That’s the reason why we are more and more thinking about creating a little industry to make some usefull objects from plastics trashes. This community and website are so usefull and interesting, thank for sharing it.

We are at the beginning of our reflexion and we are wondering if it is difficult to use machines of precious plastic efficiently to be able to make some cool stuff and earn our life with that ? We would like to have our main professional activity with that but we don’t know if it is realistic.
Is it difficult to learn how use these machines  for a beginner ? How long time does it take to learn ?
I think the best machines to start are the shredder and the extrusion machines, does it seem to be relevant to you ?
Regarding 3D printers, what are the best printers to use with plastic trashes ? Is it any kind of 3D printers that we could use with plastic flakes or thread after shredding or extrusion ? And which kind of plastic we could use for 3D printers  ?

I am an engineer in Agronomy and my husband like DIY but we don’t have a lot of abilities for that either.

Any feedback about how you started creating nice plastic objects could be very usefull for us.

And if anyone is in the Balkans area and interested by this kind of project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards


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19/12/2019 at 20:32

Welcome to Precious Plastic @paulinem
I think @milosradovic, @darkolml and @indigoblue live nearby.

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