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Throughput estimation for project in Mongolia


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Ecosoum ecosoum

Throughput estimation for project in Mongolia

05/03/2018 at 11:23

Hi guys!

I discovered Precious Plastic a few months ago and I think it’s absolutely amazing! My wife Nara and I are about to move back to her country, Mongolia, to start a sustainable development NGO. Among other issues (agro-ecology, overgrazing, green energy and so on), we want to address this major issue that is waste management, since in rural Mongolia there is absolutely none (solid waste is currently just thrown in the steppe outside the village…). We want to introduce sorting and recycling, and couldn’t think of a better and more suitable way to recycle plastic than build and use Dave Hakkens’ machines. Now we just have to start organising everything…

Anyway, here is my question: what is the throughput of Dave’s shredder? I mean, I need to be able to know how much plastic (in weight) we can shred in 1 hour, so I can compare it to the volume of plastic waste produced in the village, in order to estimate how many machines we would eventually need to recycle everything. I hope someone can enlighten us on that matter (and I’m very sorry if this question has been asked and answered already ; I looked for it but couldn’t find the answer)…

Thank you all, Best,

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