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Tips and Tricks for Starting a New Workspace

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Sarah Levesque slevesq1

Tips and Tricks for Starting a New Workspace

12/07/2019 at 22:01

Hi All!I will be starting a new workspace soon and was wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks for setting one up and running it!
Some questions such as logistics of running the work space (how much plastics should you keep on hand? How often do you clean the machines?) to machine improvements (higher production rates or safety tips) would be great to get answers to.
These are just some ideas, I would love to hear what everyone has learned from their experience of setting up a workspace from scratch!

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12/07/2019 at 22:29

Welcome on board;
I am sure the others have better hints but  that are the things you could start searching for; sorry, the forum search isn’t perfect but you can search this site better by entering in google “plastic collection site:davehakkens.nl”
1. collection
2. sorting
3. washing

that is only the beginning of the process but it seems to require quite some space and pre-cautions.

The rest of the process depends on what you want to make; fumes are an issue.

In general; I can recommend to create an instagram account and follow pretty much everything starting with “precious plastic”.  there are a lot of different ways and machines to deal with this material;

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