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To all Melbournians!

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Nicolas Jose Nasca p3p

To all Melbournians!

27/03/2019 at 07:55

Hi all hooman fellow recyclers! let me introduce myself, I’m Nicolas, a recent resident to Victoria, arrived less thsna month ago with my family and somehow fall into the right place about Precious Plastic recently.
So to not get super extensive about my drrams I would just like to know how many are we in the srea? Today i got offered a conference room in Preston area to host meetings and will like to organize the firdt public Precious Plastic creative/productive meet-up for April.
So lets see, who is on board? I’m also going to go to Facebook on this subject but truly I would love to keep it in this site if thats possible.

Hoping to hear from all youse.
Nicolas Nasca.

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In reply to: To all Melbournians!

29/03/2019 at 22:23

HI Nicolas,

I am studying in Monash university. Happy to meet you if there is any official meeting related to plastics.


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