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Marja marrieja


12/10/2018 at 17:27

Hi all,

When we are going to be a community, it’s nice to think of a token for the community. A token is a different way to value time, resources then money. The concept of a token is not new, but gaining new attention since blockchain is getting more attention. I developed an open source blockchain lab in The Hague where we experiment with this at the moment ‘in practice’.

Imagine, we tokenize the land. If you share your energy, if you recycle your plastic, if you make food or do marketing, you earn tokens. You can give your tokens away, share them or exchange them. If you do 100 squads (or dig 100 times in the garden, this will be valued by tokens). The value get’s larger when you contribute more in the community. People outside the community can also be part of the token-system! Let me know you ideas, replies and so on.

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In reply to: Tokenization

14/10/2018 at 12:28

Interesting concept Marrieja – reward based participation
any thought s on ;
-checks,balances and value definitions (& potential hierarchies ?)
-individual rights for selectively participation once “locked into the system”
-time duration of project? (land availability)
-noise pollution from trains (or present soil pollution?)
-how about opening a vitamin rich bio-organic lunch delivery service for  “binnenhof” attendees… to enhance their challenged cognitieve abilities?
-building an atomic bunker to protect local pro NATO warmongering regime politicians? (oh wait – sorry – that one just slipped out…just ignore 😉

here are some tokenised/reward based energy/waste projects you may or not have heard about,just google;
-“de jouliette” – spectral.energy

It sounds like an interesting opportunity to develop a portable (“tiny” house)
interconnected microgrid experiment utilising pragmatic,integrated solar and optimised fossil (or bio) fueled power systems….lets say the type one would use to run a festival 😉

Sun oriented,low water vertical (container)gardens also deserve more attention in my humble opinion – check out the work sometime of the legendary professor Willem van cotthem (evt add words “desertification” or “container gardening” )

have fun with that 😉

In reply to: Tokenization

05/11/2019 at 23:18

Great idea @marrieja. And underrated! On what blockchain are you working atm? Ethereum seems suitable to me?

I recently saw a very lightweight implementation, fyi: https://medium.com/gitcoin/burner-wallet-at-ethdenver-was-faa3851ea833

In reply to: Tokenization

19/12/2018 at 10:11

I love the idea of barter, with barter, you can negotiate your own price and develop trade with people.But a kiss given by one person, may be a far better trade than from another.If I understand where you are going with tokenization, is that not a lot like what we have now?A system where someone else decides what the value of a kiss holds?I think only your heart answer that question.

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