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Transparent Shingles on Wooden Frame Architecture

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Chu Wai Kit chuwaikit

Transparent Shingles on Wooden Frame Architecture

07/08/2018 at 06:53

Gaau1Up collaborates with an architectural designer, Matthew Hung. As a fabricator for the exhibition, our role is to materialize his ideas by working on the wooden structure and plastic shingles. All 400+ shingles were made from polypropylene (PP), no. 5 plastic.

<b>Collecting Plastic</b>

We collected the transparent PP from different Waste No Mall stations around Hong Kong. Waste No Mall is a citizen-initiated movement, demonstrating how “Community Resource Recycling and Sharing Center” is running and proposing the reformation of current Refuse Collecting Station. Embracing the idea, we contacted them, sorted out and collected transparent PP from citizens’ waste.


The moulds we used were made by laser-cut stainless steel (sls), separated into top, middle and bottom piece. 2mm sls board was used as the middle piece as for the shape of shingles; and 3mm sls board were used as the top and bottom piece for compression.

Re-moulding Plastic</b>

We made a shelf by slotted angles bar and put in the oven so we can heat up 4-5 moulds at the same time. The moulds were heated at 250°C for 15-20 mins. After that, 170g of transparent PP flakes were put into the mould and heated at 250°C for another 20 mins. While heating, the moulds were not closed yet. Then, we took out the mould and compressed them with reinforce frame and metal clamps, to compress the moulds evenly. After that the moulds were cold-downed in water or under air.


After the cut off of lake out, we installed the 400+ shingles onto the wooden frame by two self-tapping screw. The shingles were overlapped by half of their length to prevent water ran into the architecture.


Facebook of Waste No Mall: https://www.facebook.com/WasteNoMall/

Facebook of Gaau1 up: https://www.facebook.com/gaau1up/

Instagram of Gaau1 up: @gaau1up

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07/08/2018 at 06:54

This is how we get our PP  ;P

02/09/2018 at 01:15

Hey, Love the idea, Do you have any idea how long these shingles would survive in the sun? (UV) for an extended period of time? Also how vandal proof is this system? Can the tiles be ripped off the wall by hand?

03/09/2018 at 11:51

1) Indoor use at the moment only. Do you have any ideas or research on it?
2) The system is sort of weak, it’s only stand up for the sake of the exhibition. The idea is nice but there’s so many technical part that we didn’t solved.
3) The tiles can’t be ripped off of structure by hand. The wooden structure is assembled with 16 main-frames which can be taken off with bare hands though.

04/09/2018 at 03:21

We are currently running a solar experiment in the UK with PVC, PP and HDPE to record the effects of UV on recycled plastics.  It has now been one year since starting the test. Our test was set up to understand how the thickness of plastics affects the UV process and what thickness would be required to provide a 15-25year lifespan.

Do you mind providing me with the dimensions of the tiles?

I’m glad to hear that the tiles remained in place if vandalised, what was the spacing between the wooden elements and the length of self-tapping screw?

Very impressive piece.


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