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UK! I'm buying custom shapes from a workspace

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UK! I'm buying custom shapes from a workspace

16/09/2018 at 18:23

Do you have a workspace and want to make recycled melted plastic things but don’t know for what?

(Sorry if I’m posting in the wrong topic)  :/

<3 Firstly awesome job Dave for dreaming up this master plan of yours; we are very fortunate there is a community like this that wants to help the Earth <3

I’m based in the East of the UK and I would be willing to buy from your workspace, if you’re willing to make what I need for my project! I can tell you exactly what shape I need made – colour, size (small pieces), and also is it possible to experiment with melting iridescent plastic film sheets? – I have loads of these I can send you. I am creating something for my brand made from all recycled materials; I want to sell this item (a wall hanging) but I don’t want to add to the waste of the world!

Anyway, if there is a workspace in the UK that can make things for me to buy (in bulk) I would love to know that you’re interested and we can talk more about it

🙂 <3

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26/09/2018 at 23:33

We’re only just starting out on our journey but I’d certainly be interested to discuss this further, do you want to drop me a PM Olivia?  I’m sure we’d be able to help.

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