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Used Plastics Into Products

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Saviour Asher Emenyo littercontrolgh

Used Plastics Into Products

23/09/2019 at 00:35

Hii there family,
I’m a marketing graduate from Ghana but have always had this desire of a cleaner world from the one we currently have.
Due to that, I’ve teamed up with a few like minded friends to form a club we dub, “Litter Control Club”, And our sole aim is to find a solution to the environmental waste pollution challenge we have in Ghana. We believe by introducing this club in our Educational/Religious institutions, we can recruit members into becoming advocates against indiscriminate disposal of waste  (especially, plastic waste) within our various communities across the length and breadth of the country.
Irrespective of that though, we don’t only want to reform the minds of individuals as far waste disposal is concerned but also be able to teach our club members how to derive useful and profitable products from used plastics.
We need ideas from all angle and support in any form that can help us realise this dream.

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03/12/2019 at 23:23

Hi, glad to hear you are taking a heads on approach toward resetting people’s thoughts on their waste.

I’ve been working on a customer focused business model for a precious plastics operation for some time now.

I am a fan of Simon Sinek, an author and public speaker.  He has a book, Start with Why.  There’s a number of youtube videos of Simon talking about this principle.

“It’s Not About What You Do, It’s Why You Do It”

Why do we make goods out of recycled plastic?
Why do we pick up other people’s trash?

My major focus is on creating products that convey a message that we need to move beyond plastic.  Every piece of plastic ever made still exists on the earth and will for generations.  Your grandkids are going to have to put up with all the plastic each and every one of has created though our purchasing decisions.  I’m still working on generating the right buzz-words and catch phrases for my marketing.

It is my intention to make patio furniture (awaiting v.4 to get going) that contains the message that plastic isn’t going anywhere, why that’s a problem, and why making choices to reduce or even eliminate plastic from your life is best for you, your family, and the planet.


I really like Plastik Kembali’s social media material.  Check them out!

I hope this helps, please continue the conversation to help with all our marketing efforts!

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