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Using 3D printing to tell tangible stories


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Andres Ornelas andresornelas

Using 3D printing to tell tangible stories

15/06/2016 at 21:47

Hi all!

I found this TEDx talk about 3D printing and thought it was very interesting. The speaker sees the plastic spool as “stories waiting to be told” and shares three examples of how 3D printing can immortalize a memory, convey an idea, or generate emotion.

3D + ME, Making plastic precious | Ron van den Ouweland | TEDxBreda

I hope you enjoy it!


ps. My brother and I are building Precious Plastic machines in México! Check out our topic for more info.

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25/09/2016 at 03:33

The guy looks terrified exposing to his audience, but still managed to give a great talk 😉

Pdt: I’m moving your topic to “Discuss Videos” on the Story Hopper.


25/09/2016 at 20:05

@xxxolivierxxx ha, he does now that you mention it 😛

Thanks for categorizing this post!

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