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v3 Extruder Hack – Full Automatic Injector

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v3 Extruder Hack – Full Automatic Injector

08/09/2019 at 19:15

This video here basically suggests there is a well controlled (VFD or single phase) extruder on the left and a clamping system on the right.

Looks like that you could make an attachment for your extruder which acts as the clamping system, easy & cheap with an Nema34 (or just a big motor and linear gauges,…), similar as in the video.

I have the parts but no time. I could help with coding if somebody want’s to try it 🙂

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09/09/2019 at 11:37

i couldn’t resist to plug another project on the v3 extruder.

I don’t see much trouble. This could could be done in a few thousand ways and you could even run this with a 3phase VFD driven 1Kw motor to build up enough clamping force. I guess will visit some guys with more expertise in the field to get some feedback, hang tide 🙂

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