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V4 BeyondPlastic – [INFOS] Recipes and Books

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Jannis dasjannis

V4 BeyondPlastic – [INFOS] Recipes and Books

12/02/2019 at 17:43

Here is a little overview of recipe books and other open publications I gathered throughout my research so far:

The Secret of Bioplastic by Clara Davis
Nice little book on how to make bioplastics from gelatin and cool example projects.

Bioplastic Cook Book by Margaret Dunne
A quick read for everyone who wants to get an overview of different materials used for DIY Bioplastics. Features gelatin, agar agar and starch as binders and explores a bunch of additives in combination with them.

Recipes for Material Activism by Miriam Ribul
A bit “designy” and theoretical, but it offers some inspiring takes on different biomaterials and new processing methods.

Bioplastic Handbook by Oi-Ying Kwong
Pretty straight-forward book with very clear graphic explanations on the structure of plastic and bioplastic polymers and well documented experiments with milk, starch, and gelatin.

Bioplastic: tools and recipes by Johan Viladrich
   A small booklet with good pictures and interesting recipes for binders like starch, Dammar gum (tree resin), skin glue and blood.

Research Book Bioplastic by Juliette Pepin
   Another recipe book filled with well documented experiments.

Bio Sample Book by Qiong Gu
Short exploration into different DIY bioplastics with very cute drawing of the recipes.

Materials Experiments Catalogue by Jake Aaron Cohen
A experimental but very deep and well documented research into possible materials and properties from onion skins.

Nice open-source library for bioplastics, that hopefully will still grow so much more!

SYMLAB recipe book by Aleksi Peltonne​n, Jaea Chang, Karla Werner Zeuthen, Linnea Kilpi and Paul Flanders
A great new book with very clear recipes made from agar agar gelatin and sea weed!


Feel free to comment more sources and I will include them up here!

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