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V4 BeyondPlastic – [MATERIALS]

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Jannis dasjannis

V4 BeyondPlastic – [MATERIALS]

31/01/2019 at 09:58

Using Urban Food Waste Streams to make biodegradable materials. – Biodegradable, because to us, it’s the most important and common property a material in a world of short living objects should have.

This is an open collection of the materials we worked with so far or are researching right now.

Wheat Bran
Potato Peels

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21/02/2019 at 13:59



I’m Alistair, from England. I’ve been following Precious Plastics for years but have recently looking into this exact topic (procrastinating whilst trying to find a job). I have a masters in biotechnology so I know where to look to find out information, but I live in a flat in Bristol with no real access to a physical research space – but you guys do!

The route of my thinking was to replace polystyrene/styrofoam trays used in the food takeaway industry with a foamed starch batter, baked in heated compression molds. The addition of lignin from waste wood provides additional strength. There are some recipes here:



The starch can be sourced from potato processing plant wastewater (from potato slice washing and peels) and concentrated to the desired levels by centrifugation.



I would love to help develop this with you if you’re interested!




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