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V4 Collection System

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SAM ZANDBERGEN s-zandbergen

V4 Collection System

21/02/2019 at 11:35

Hey People!


We are Taylor Creamer and Sam Zandbergen, part of PP V4. We are going to focus on the collection part of Precious Plastic. On this forum we will share our process and sources as  we go and are open to any help!

Let’s start with our Goals:

● Getting a constant income stream of 750kg plastic a week here at our workspace for recycling.
● Setting up a collection-plan for other workspaces to replicate. Giving different methods to apply to their own specific situation.

We have written down a few questions that we plan to get answered to achieve these goals along the way.

What plastic is needed?

● Which type of plastic is suitable for our process?

● What amount is needed for our workspace?

● Does this need to be clean/dirty?

● What to do with the plastic we can’t use?

● How long does it take to process?

Where to get the plastic?

● Why would people give their plastic to us? Finding a way to motivate people or business. (incentive!)

● Focus on the big companies or the consumers who want to help?

● Do we want to get it sorted or sort it ourselves?

● Let people bring it to us? or go around collecting it ourselves?

Are there any rules/laws involved when collecting plastic?


Upcoming plans:

These questions will be answered over time. That’s why we chose to start simple.

We have already started gathering plastic around Eindhoven. So far, we have found some plastic. We collected this by going to different businesses with a cargo bike.  We plan to set up a Collection Event at our workspace where people can donate and sort their own plastic. Overtime, we will see what comes in and add to our data. Because plastic waste is a problem, we want to educate people on sorting and cleaning their own plastic and then tweak our own system with what we learn through the starter days.

We want to start by sending an email to the local Precious Plastic map pin users with their hands up requesting their plastic and ask for any suggestions they may have. We will also make posts on different local community websites such as Zero Waste Eindhoven on Facebook explaining the collection program and our drop off point. (Which is the V4 workspace)

Every time plastic comes in, We will document our findings. We want to document where it came from, what type of plastic, how much plastic, clean/dirty and how long it takes to process. We will then post our feedback to you, as well as the plastic donors.


Thanks!  We are looking forward to any ideas or suggestions! 🙂

Taylor and Sam

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In reply to: V4 Collection System

19/03/2019 at 17:49

Hi there!

I am a Dutch student at Van Hall Larenstein, in Velp. Currently, I am writing a thesis on creating value in the collection of plastic from -and around- Dutch rivers. This is commissioned by the electorate of Sustainable River Management, which is a collaboration of VHL and HAN.

Just today I decided to come online again at this awesome virtual environment and I am planning to keep doing so to get into contact with stakeholders from all sectors of society (public, private, informal, 3th).
I would love to participate on this event and learn more about plastic!

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19/03/2019 at 18:47

Hi Sam, Your post about PP V4 collection system made me sit up and smile. It is an excellent idea and I have been working on it at my home for past two months. Here is what I found:
1) Source separation is the key – It means home owners should separate their waste into at least four categories – Plastic, Compost, Recycle (Paper, Metal, Glass) and Trash. I created a 4-compartment bin by stapling four tote bags together and carried it around the home for collection (See the image below). Keep the recycle dry and clean to prevent contamination.
2) Resize the items – Most of my in-house bins were filled to the brim before I emptied them into municipal collection bins used for curb side pick ups. When I resized it by either cutting or flattening them to smaller sizes, the in-house bins could acccomodate almost thrice the amount (See the image below). I was able to reduce the recycle bin pickup rate from once in two weeks to once in six weeks. Trash pickup is still under study but I think it will be reduced from once in two weeks to once in 8 weeks. This is because source separation has converted trash to either recycle items or compost items.
3) “Coiling” plastic bags – I found that plastic bags occupy a lot of space in my bin. They retain large volumes of air when empty. So I crushed and coiled each one of them around my fingers and tied the ends using a knot. I stored these coiled bags in a separate clear plastic bag. If I need more space for storage, I pressed these coils firmly and they collapse against each other with zero effort. It’s been 9 weeks since I have trashed any bag. I can collect coils for another two weeks before putting them in recycle bin. The storage bag should be clear plastic as per my municipality regulations. (See the image below)

My apologies for the super-long reply. I have some more ideas on how to resize the items using a kit. This is a great movement and I believe it is the way to solve the plastic problem. Great job everyone. Cheers!!


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19/03/2019 at 22:24

Looks like Eindhoven has a recycling collection process https://eindhovennews.com/features/2018/10/how-to-recycle-plastic-in-eindhoven/, did collaboration with that program not work out?

In reply to: V4 Collection System

03/04/2019 at 16:55

Hi my name is Charmaine.
We have a small team running Eco-bricks in Sarawak, Malaysia.
It would be nice to share some start-ups idea with us so we can achieve sustainability in this collection.
We plan to collect ecobricks as collection too but we don’t have a platform to process into good products like yours.

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