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V4 Shredder Development – [CONTROL SYSTEM]

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Friedrich friedrich

V4 Shredder Development – [CONTROL SYSTEM]

10/02/2019 at 20:05

Here is a space for questions regarding the upcoming control systems for the v4 shredder. We plan to offer two options for the shredder, where one mainly consists of a VFD and an additional control board for driving the pusher accordingly to the torque curve of the shredder and another one which is more basic and requires more control of the user.

I finished the built of the shredder control system last week and will update on this soon.

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15/03/2019 at 12:47

We started up using a VFD for controlling the shredder motor, but found out soon that we have no issues about heat for now at 128rpm. So we are working now on more simple electronics with relay based direction switching.

I added an Arduino board and a simple relay to automatically control the pneumatic piston. Right now it just operates based on timers, so after a set amount of time the piston stops pushing and moves backward.

I found a nice and cheap solution to track the motor current which is consumed by the motor via a ACS712 20A Sensor. You just connect one phase of your three phase system and you get a nice chart-plot of the current consumption.

For starting out you can go here and copy their sketch:


This information will be used in the next version to control the motor and the pneumatic piston based on the current consumption.

With advanced interfaces we are also able to calculate the power consumption during the operation and create a kWh/shredded kg relation.

I started to build in a load-cell to connect this information to the system later on. So we can keep track of the output/h during the operation.


15/03/2019 at 15:49

happy to see those sensors now getting in place :-), the same module could be added to the extrusion/injection. in our garage we have a dedicated meter which counts just everything

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