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V4 Shredder Development – [CUTTING TECHNOLOGY]

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Friedrich friedrich

V4 Shredder Development – [CUTTING TECHNOLOGY]

10/02/2019 at 19:55

Here is a space for questions regarding the upcoming shredding variants regarding the main cutting operation for the v4 shredder. Basically there are two option for the next shredder which are evaluated right now. We are testing a new, insert-based system to reduce jams in the system. If this one should fail or be too complex we will go for a double axis shredder, due they are already prooven to be better than the previous single axis shredder.


The main question here will be soon opened and is about how to achieve more precision in tolerances of the cutting mechanism.

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16/02/2019 at 13:16

@friedrich, it would be nice if you could take smaller machine shop reality into account. I realized last days that building a plasma CNC table for cutting anything above 12 mm thickness is getting way out of control (5K+). So if you could keep parts below that magic number I am sure more folks can build it in the garage. I checked also our laser/plasma service partners: they also charge significantly more for above the 12mm thickness range.


16/02/2019 at 13:23

btw, getting an insert into a self machined blade (plasma, laser, mill) looks quit like a little adventure to me. taking grinded HSS blanks (way cheaper)  instead is a lot more viable, also more accessible for the more important areas like the east and south.

15/03/2019 at 12:27

So a small update regarding the blades. We improved some major elements on the shredding technology.

1.) Additional Blades no more Spacers
Our new team member Paco had the great idea to removed the flat spacers in favor for more blades. So instead of one blade and one spacer, we have only blades, but at a lower level than the regular blades.
In the pictures you see, that they are all at the same time. This will be changed in the next iteration of the shredder. We forgot about it due we just cutted the new blades with an angle grinder.

2.) Pusher Closing plate
We had a problem about keeping the material out of the rear-chamber of the pusher. To improve the sealing between the walls we added a plastic plate with a tighter fit.
3.) Next steps
We will completely redesign the cutting unit. Right now we think about triangular vs. rectangular blades. One benefit of triangular blades is that you can adjust the cutting-gap over the full length of the shredder, which is not possible with rectangular blades. However triangular blades would be harder to manufacture.
Another consideration is regarding the diameter/speed ratio. The diameter will be increased in order to achieve a higher tangent speed which is comparable to competitors from the industry.

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