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V4 Shredder Development – [FEEDING SYSTEM]

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Friedrich friedrich

V4 Shredder Development – [FEEDING SYSTEM]

10/02/2019 at 20:00

Here is a space for questions regarding the upcoming feeding system for the v4 shredder.

Right now we are testing different pusher mechanics (as shown in the main development blog) where users can decide between a pneumatic/hydraulic piston or a (electric) spindle or a hand-operated pusher.


The second topic here is how to design the hopper in the most efficient, stable and silent way.

Additionally automatic feeding systems like conveyor belts, or gravity based feeding mechanics might come up after the main development phase.

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25/02/2019 at 14:18

I was thinking about improvin efficiency by installing a weight pusher. You could make it on guidelines so the weght pushes the material towards the blades and shredds it faster. It would be less time and energy consuming. You could make a hoper large sized like a meter square so you could put 20 or 30 bottles inside. The pusher could be fixed on one side and with a brake. You pull up the other side, insert material and than close it and release the brake. The weight would then push the material all the way to the blades. You would put a magnetic switch on the pusher so it stops the shredder when it comes down. This way you could insert material, and just leave. Process is way more efficient and easier. And also safer. Because you would install a switch that would automatically shut down after some time so it doesnt over heat or something. If you want i can give ypu some 3d images. Just need a day or two.

25/02/2019 at 14:27

For the silence of the hoper i was thinking of insulating it and putting a insulated lid with a valve/handle/whatsitcalled? The process would be like this. Get about 30 bottles same material or collor. Insert into 1m square insulated hopper. Close the top lid/door.. then release the brake wich is also the switc to turn on the shredder. To be silent you need to make a chamber for shredded material that is also insulated and has a door. So the shredding system would be closed and insulated wixh would make it produce less sound. You also couldnt accidentally shredd your hand. You wouldnt have zo open the shredder a lot because of large hoper. You just insert material and do someting else. When its finished you open bottom door and next time you need to shredd ypu open top and close bottom. Please comment.

14/03/2019 at 02:32

I am just not really seeing much of a issue with feeding once I upped the RPM above 110.


I also have a straight hopper that feeds directly down into the shredder and changes the angle that the larger plastic goes in.


However several upgrades I have implemented here have resulted in a stronger machine.


Larger hex bar 32mm and a 25mm or 1 inch shaft input.  I had people literally twist a 20mm shaft off their machine.


Change the tapered head bolt to TIG welded grade 8 stud bolt for the bearings.


Heat treated the cutting portions of the blades to increase durability.


power from motor to shredder box using type 50 chain and sproket and type B belt and pulley.


1:6 reduction from the motor to the center shaft with a type B pulley.  I am also considering a double type B belt in the future as this can sometime slip.


from the middle shaft, I go with a 15:58 reduction.  (this is because the 60 tooth sprocket has a 1.5 inch center hole and my shafting is some leftover 1 inch material. (more on that later)


The end result is a more durable machine that does not have the fragility of a worm gear box and 1/4 the cost of the gearbox.  It also is easier to maintain.


I upped the frame to 6mmx35mm angle bar for the last batch and widened the frame to 400mm to accommodate a 6.5hp low rpm gasoline engine.


The next batch will omit the angle bar frame and go to 2.5mm sheet metal cnc cut and bent.  Then bolted together.  This will cover the moving parts better and speed up fabrication time by eliminating the cutting and welding of angle bar.  Replacing it with grade 8 bolts, galvanized steel, and lock washers.


Also can somebody please fix the layout sheets?  There are drawings in the pdf for a 14 blade version, the axle is for 14 blades.  the laser DXF files are for 15 blades at 165mm.


Please standard the 165mm wide version and update everything accordingly?

14/03/2019 at 04:29

more pics

14/03/2019 at 12:37

This is what i “designed”.

14/03/2019 at 21:06

@btmetz, nice! you can always make a pull request (but raise an issue before!) to the precious plastic kit on github. instead of updating/changing, you could add new folders instead : 32mm_hex_bar, unfortunately there are lots of missing source files to make the update complete, so you have to be a little creative. if you need help, let me know via pm! I am also advising against the 20mm driveshaft / 27 mm hexbar. Dave says 28 mm is not common enough and I really wonder where 27 mm is… 🙂

all in all, i hope someone comes with a dual axle shredder up so the issue of hopper feeding becomes less an issue. i am still waiting for our plasma, well and some months to work something out 🙂 i get already headaches to make sourcing of gears possible everywhere.

15/03/2019 at 04:43

I am reluctant to release my set of files until I get more testing done.


The Plasma table is out of service right now, so I sent everything off to fiber laser and cnc bending the prototype frame.


I have not really had any formal training in drafting since high school in the 1990’s so im still working out the best way to do a layout sheet.



15/03/2019 at 11:54

@btmetz, i think it’s best to continue your work in a dedicated thread. our posts became quite off-topic, considering this topic here is about v4-feeding system, not even knowing what the v4 shredder looks like 🙂 thanks

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