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Want start project in Thailand Koh Chang

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Marco marcodalcol

Want start project in Thailand Koh Chang

24/01/2019 at 12:01

Hello everybody,
my name is Marco iam 36 years old,  the trash problem around the island i lives grow massiv in the last 3 years.  i cannot just look at it, thats why i contact you here. i have some small community around me that we discuss how to solve many problems not only the trash plastic problem also organic farms and herbal medicin. The problem that we dont have the knowlege and power to start the project and i still have some questions, about the shredder for example, how many kg/h  he can shredder, i contact some companys but the Shredder are quit expensiv for me. But when i saw your video its look all so simple and even you show how to DIY, i dont have the skills to build the machines. Also on the island everything not so easy, everyday people leaving the Island to bring the trash to the mainland what coast money and create pollution. Maybe you have some good ideas how we can work it out thats everybody will be happy. maybe printing bricks to build houses or something else. Thank you all i hope you cna help us. We also the trash heros here that maybe we can work togheter.!!!  Thank you

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31/01/2019 at 17:47

Hi Marco,

I am interested in your project. Do you have pictures or images of the type of problem. Any data in regard to volume of trash?



14/02/2019 at 03:10

Hello Al I send you already  email, I don’t know how much trash we have here, on the island we have the trash  heroes they help a bit to clean up the roads  and beaches  but more in the tourist  part. the lost trash  are randome around the  island, people  digging a hole  in there private  area. We asking  People  here for help but the goverment  are not really  interested  so that  why I ask you here.  We have many tourist  here and I think people  will see and support  that idea  and share around. thank you

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