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Washing PE-HD / PE-LD and sorting

Ivan Marciuš croatia-plastic

Washing PE-HD / PE-LD and sorting

18/04/2016 at 22:04

Hello everyone,

My name is John Marciuš and director of the company itself, which is already among other things, deals with the recycling of plastics. Currently we process roughly 4 tons per month and our plan is to adapt and more than 10 tons per month.

Interests for advice or ideas about sorting.

I hired five workers who sorted plastic that buy the waste.
Getting molded plastic cubes that weigh about 200 kg each. When they open, workers sorted and separated by plastic tape, laces and paper labels and declarations with plastic.

We know that there are companies that for years recycled plastic material or all of the sick to have to recycle plastic bags or foil because it is a lot of work and little to gain in relation to the hard plastics.

We have a problem granulation plastic because there is often a plastic tape. We do not know how to wash out the plastic to get a blister. Is there a method to chop plastic bags / film and that it means water discharged from the tape?

at the same time, we are interested to buy all types of machines for recycling plastic granulator apart.

we are looking for someone who would give solution to produce a machine that:

washable plastic, plastic sushi and served plastics
Thank you for attention

Ivan Marciuš

p.S. (for all translation is used google translator)

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