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Washing shredded Plastic.


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Mark marknz

Washing shredded Plastic.

26/06/2018 at 09:59

Has anybody built anything to wash the shredded plastic yet ?  I have a concept in my head that I think will work well that I am going to start building this year.  It involves a drum rolled from perforated sheet that has paddles inside it, also some shafts with paddles that spin in the opposite direction from the drum, with a water spray on top. Thus creating a violent washing/beating interior for smashing around the little bits of plastic, which will then also be dried in the same drum once you turn off the water.

I am a mechanical engineer with experience in Researching and Developing new machines so I should be able to make it in my shed, but if there are any suggestions or ideas that others can think please let me know.

Cheers Mark

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27/06/2018 at 07:56

Bonjour, le concepte et très bien, mais tu te prend la tête pour rien prend une machine a laver le linge avec hublot, tu as le lavage et l’éssorage. les trous sont fait les batoires aussi tu peut même éssorer ton plastique.
Perso je me prendrais pas la tête a en fabriquer une tu a tous ça dans une décheterie ou une personne qui veux changer de machine.
Bon courrage.

26/08/2018 at 02:52

That sounds like a fantastic idea. It would be much easier getting the plastic clean and free of milk residue and laundry detergents along with just dirt and debris. How big of a machine are you thinking it should be? 3 to 5 gallons?

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