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Waste Carpet Project

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Riccardo cene

Waste Carpet Project

02/11/2020 at 15:11

Hello everyone,

I’m Riccardo, an Italian maker and designer now based in London, in my practice, I use waste as a raw material and transform them into new useful objects.

I’m starting a new project that uses carpet waste as a raw material. Most of the carpet is made using synthetic fibre like PP and Nylon. Therefore I started to make some early experimentation treating it as a normal piece of plastic it actually melted and I’ve been able to make a tile.

At this point, I have some concerns about the fumes that this process generates, so I was wondering how do you usually deal with it?

Also, I don’t have any machinery to do it properly so if anyone is interested just drop me a message.


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In reply to: Waste Carpet Project

06/11/2020 at 05:40

For fumes, there is info here. I would stop what you are doing until you get some safety equipment.

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