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Waste Compaction

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Barry Pitts badgerpit

Waste Compaction

01/05/2019 at 12:27

Hello world!

I am new here but long time project follower..

I am working on a new way to compact waste in the home to reduce the number of recycling waste bags put out for collection.  This means less emptying of the bin at home (who likes doing that anyways?) and in some locations lower costs for your waste collection.

The environmental benefits are contentious.. so I am seeking your input and views on this..

How to best calculate the impact of home compaction of recyclable waste? Also, how effective is compacting waste at home as a part of our home recycling routine?

North Americans are quite used to using waste compactors at home, but us Europeans have never really got to like them.. all sorts of reasons for that but even where compactors already exist in the home, the same home will also have at least one waste bin.

The product I have in prototype form uses a completely different method to compact waste (not squashed by large iron weight as is typical design) and can be either human or motor powered..

I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions and views on this!

Thanks loads and loads and loads (should have compacted that down a bit perhaps) in advance 🙂

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