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[FOUND] Web Dev Zero-Waste platform Bepakt.com

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Bepakt (Rutger Muller) bepakt

[FOUND] Web Dev Zero-Waste platform Bepakt.com

28/06/2019 at 20:09

EDIT: developer found.




Hi Dave and everybody,


I want to present my project, which isn’t exactly brand new, but is still very much in development, and has quite a close link to Precious Plastic.


*** at this moment we’re only looking for a web developer LIVING IN THE NETHERLANDS, this is because of funding reasons ***


I started Bepakt in 2014 as a design think-tank and open knowledge base on the topic of packaging-free (zero-waste) grocery stores and supermarkets. Initially, I wanted to design a re-usable, collapsible container that would make it easy for mainstream consumers to shop in zero-waste shops (or on the market, etc.), without having to plan ahead, and without having to bring along heavy, breakable glass jars, etc. This idea is currently on hold, because I first want to finish my open, crowdsourced, transparent, market research “tool”, which is http://www.bepakt.com.


By offering exhaustive data about zero-waste shops across the globe (both positive and also sometimes critical factors, like opening dates VS bankruptcy dates), and by presenting it reasonably well (should be improved in the next update), we managed to become a valuable source of information for a wide range of parties; from beginning zero-waste entrepreneurs, to researchers, to mainstream media, to the Dutch government, and a lot more.


We’ve reached the point where we need to upgrade the website to be able to keep up with all developments in the niche. Integrating crowdsourced input will for example be crucial to save us time. Therefore, we’re looking for a web developer to build the new Bepakt website. To finance this, we’re currently looking into the Digital Culture subsidy of the Creative Industry Fund Netherlands, and we’re considering crowdfunding.  Please read more below, and check the image:


* wanted: web developer in the Netherlands *


Hack the planet: disrupt our world of plastic packaging! Bepakt is an open knowledge base that explores the innovation path from recycling to pre-cycling. Our main focus is the growing niche of #ZeroWaste (packaging-free) grocery stores and supermarkets across the globe.


To keep doing what we do best – connecting researchers, entrepreneurs, institutions, media, etc. – we are preparing to build the next version of our website. To finance this, we’re looking into subsidies and crowdfunding methods.

Are you a top-notch web developer interested in this project? Get in touch on [email protected] and let’s talk! Read more in the image. And visit bepakt.com/about for more info.


I hope that we’ll find some great leads here =).




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29/06/2019 at 17:30

Hi Rutger @bepakt,
Maybe do a search on the member page and filter on people interested in Web Development in the Netherlands.
We (I’m also one) are basically asking for it 😉

29/06/2019 at 17:44

not knowing the exact outline but looking at the page, you can avoid re-inventing by using with a well customised WordPress and a bunch of commercial plugins as well custom plugins (if really needed); to the pleasure for the authors and your community. if you want to play around with such thing, pm me.

12/12/2019 at 10:26

Topic can be closed. Developer is found.

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