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website issues


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website issues

15/05/2018 at 00:49

I guess you already aware of :
– i can’t use my forum account to sell items on the bazar, it wants me to reintroduce myself
– page down/up in forum and other spots doesn’t scroll
– when looking for machine builders on the map, it turns out that over 50% are in fact no machine builders but rather suppliers for non-machining stuff. worst even, there is a guy next to me on the map and I tried contacted him for a visit but had no response, after some digging it turns out he’s running a internet 3d-print service with pretty bad reviews…..
– in the bazar, it would be nice to filter everything by region/continent. it’s tiring to get through all posts to figure out that there is at the end too much shipping fees involved- forum link should be more visible, on mobile it won’t even show the link in the footer
– would be nice to have search facilities everywhere at hand, enabling me search the bazar, the forum, videos,… everything
– it would be nice to have a more localized ‘resources’ page, it’s really tedious to search the whole forum for comments part sources like motor reducers. I think this topic deserves a new main section: resources (per region)
– please support markdown !!!!

If you need a hand with website coding, let me know (being a coder since 25 years)

ps: whilst writing this here right now, the reCAPTCHA asked me 3 times to make the hook again (expired) and then crashed on me so I re-opened the page and pasted my post but all control-characters were gone (tabs, line feeds)…

have a nice one,

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In reply to: website issues

20/05/2018 at 23:22

thanks for the feedback @mc007! Yep bazar and community are 2 different platforms, would love to merge but it comes with some challenges…
– We are going to do some filtering on the map soon!

page down/up in forum and other spots doesn’t scroll

Hmm can you fix this?

in the bazar, it would be nice to filter everything by region/continent.

You could try searching with the map? 

Overall i’d say we can always use help improving this online community (wordpress PHP). What code languages do you master?

In reply to: website issues

20/05/2018 at 23:32

yes, I opened an issue on Github about that keyboard thing already but I will take a closer look next week again. I masted so far all languages for web, PHP (incl. wordpress plugins 🙂 and of course Javascript (rather Typescript, I develop since long IDEs for automation, ui-authoring and hardware as primary activity:-)
However,  I will bump on github again for a development setup, last time I tried I couldn’t get a local dev setup…
seeya soon, and thanks for the heads up

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