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We'd love to hire your shredder for a day!

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Michiel Stoop michielsayshi

We'd love to hire your shredder for a day!

08/10/2018 at 23:17

Hi lovely peoples of the big blue globe!

I’m Michiel from Amsterdam. For an event I’m looking for a shredder machine to hire or borrow, preferably in the Amsterdam region. We’re more than willing to come pick it up somewhere.

Why, you ask? With some friends we started the Paper Straw Resistance. A group of friends who have something in common: we peacefully resist the status quo. We sometimes organise events, where we focus on something in society that we think can be done better. We try to learn, and we like to get active too. Like our first event, when we explored the way we get our food.

We’re doing another event on the 21st of October. This time we’re gonna focus on
waste. The idea is to simply get together with friends, and friends of friends of friends and just anyone who wants to tag along. The goal is to learn something and get our hands dirty too.

First we do a movie screening (about waste, obviously) on Thursday the 18th of October, and then on Sunday the 21st we come together for something more active. For example, shredding some plastic! It would be a nice opportunity for people to get to know the Precious Plastic Project.

Are you in (or around) Amsterdam and you want to join too? You’re very welcome. Any ideas? Shout!


PS. If you have any other ideas on how we could get to learn something about waste in an active way that Sunday, we’d be very happy to learn. Maybe you are doing something with waste? Do you need a hand? Let me know, we might be able to help you out.

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