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what can be done with TPU and Silicone?

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joëll joelltje60

what can be done with TPU and Silicone?

19/09/2019 at 14:34

We want to reuse old phone covers/cases, and I was wondering what the possibilities are with the plastics stated above? Any help would be very appreciated!

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31/12/2019 at 15:45

TPU is an interesting material used for soft products like shoe soles and phone covers. It is also used as 3D printing filament. I think, once shredded, you can do lots stuff with it, like 3D-printing filament. I know one Swiss company that recycles used ski boots into filament. TPU also has several shore-grade, which define the softness/hardness of the material.

As of silicone, I’m not sure if its reusable. I’ve been working with silicone resin and they all have been thermosets. Means, once it is cure, you can’t reform it anymore. Please correct me, if I’m wrong.

31/12/2019 at 18:50

Haven’t seen anyone mention it yet, but TPU and Silicone are perfect for sex toys 😉
Plus I don’t see anyone making these products yet in the bazar, and making moulds should be pretty easy with a 3D printer and plaster, so it would be a good business opportunity.

31/12/2019 at 22:04

@xxxolivierxxx , shhhh! I thought that was part of the big V-4 product design reveal on the 7th.

01/01/2020 at 02:38

@jamyb , can you say what is going on in that picture? are you encapsulating some electronics?

01/01/2020 at 19:47

That’s a great application, thanks for posting. You don’t see a lot of products where the injector adds just a portion of the product. Same thing for encapsulating electronics, even if it is just decorative LEDs, a good addition to custom decorative items.

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