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What to do with the combined materials?

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gromvul gromvul

What to do with the combined materials?

17/12/2017 at 08:52

What should I do with the plastic / aluminum (code 90), paper (cardboard) / aluminum (code 82)? I can only think of burning to free aluminum and melt it.from 50 g cardboard packaging of milk after burning left 2 grams of aluminum. In general for a month, I can get 100 grams so this is not a good idea,what are your ideas?

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17/12/2017 at 10:29

It’s not easy to separate mixed materials of different natures. If it were mixed plastics you might find something to do with it, but for plastic/aluminium or paper/aluminium I have no idea in recycling.

I think you should explore the reuse/repurpose possibilities of your milk bricks. The inner aluminium face is reflective and can be used for heating, luminaries (lighting) for indoor gardening. I you want to create mirrors that reflect sunlight in the direction you want, this is a good “free” material to begin experimenting with.
Also you can think of it not as a reflective material but as box shape that can be slightly improved to be used as drawer. If you have enough of them and clean them properly, they can help you organize your stuff in small spaces.
Many applications might be possible but these are all I’ve got to offer right now.

Some ideas on pinterest

17/12/2017 at 14:09

For combined materials, semi-industrial techniques are needed to realize, for example, insulating material. We expect the community to grow to the point of having working groups that focus their energies and skills in one place to address complex recycling issues.
In this sense, plastic acts as a caking agent and can incorporate (depending on use) inert materials such as thermosetting plastics, flakes of aluminum ,sand, etc.,.
Examples of composites (not combined): plastic / glass, plastic / rubber (a long-term trial 1996):

17/12/2017 at 15:32

I’ve seen this type of roof tiles, I think if you remove the cardboard and then heat and compress you can get objects like that.

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