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What to do with the home-made plastic bottles

pipiball chen pipiball

What to do with the home-made plastic bottles

22/01/2017 at 14:33

I am so glad that i join this community and very excited to see this open source project for improving our environment in my own country if i can make a successful machine and put it into all the places that can do the bottles recycle.

According to my title topic,most of the plastic bottles are from the wastes of homes or families,such as water bottles,shampoo bottles,some cosmetic cans,food packages as in tomato ketchup,or some take out packages …etc.Most of them are not as clean as water bottles,so if we let machine to the home uses,do they need to open (destroy) the bottles and wash it totally clean at the first step then can put into the shredder for the machine? Otherwise will it be expected shorten the machine life for this good idea or will it be some smells when the recycle products are made?

What my concerned is clean source in and clean products out,and it will be fine for all of the machine.If not clean source,there will be lots varieties of the machine and products.And finally maybe that will reduce the people desires to do the recycle? i dont know,or maybe everyone will give more idea to my concerns …

Thank you

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