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What to do with waste (non-recyclable plastic)?

Jose Rivolta caymans

What to do with waste (non-recyclable plastic)?

24/01/2018 at 09:25

Hi everyone!

Once again, I am here to ask for your knowledge, hoping this will be not only helpful for me, but for others. What I would like to know is what can be done with non-recyclable plastics… Please let me explain with more details:

In any massive recycling campaign, for sure there will be a lot of non-reciclable plastic, and may be there is no way to stop if from coming, so what to do with it?

– You CAN’T keep it (because it takes space).
– You CAN’T recycle it (maybe you can do something with it, but hypothetically there’s a premiss: not to work with it).
– You CAN’T throw it (because it’s waste).

Then, these are some of my questions:
– What to do with waste?
– Are there any potencial buyers of this type of plastics? (companies that DO work with them).
– Can I wash and shredd it? (since there’s no quemical activity [only mechanical], I think there will be no danger to work with it).
– If washed and shredded (but not pelletized), can be now selled? Are there any potential buyers for this type of plastics?
– Is there any EXTRA application (even if not related to the mentioned above) for these non-recyclable types of plastic?

Thank you all, and I hope you could all understand my ideas/questions (sorry for my english).

P.S: I’ve already tried to create this topic, but apparently it did not create properly; I hope this is not taken as ‘double posted’.

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