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Where find motor for shredder?

Xavier xav87

Where find motor for shredder?

26/07/2017 at 22:19


Thanks for sharing all these documents.
I’m interesting by make a shredder and the extrusion machine.
But I would like more precision about motor and where I can find a good one.
Because I think that the motor need a speed reducer but I have never seen a motor this one in scrap things.
I know that it’s a 2,2 HP and need to turn at 70 rpm.
Also motor that I find on Internet are in three phases (380V).
But I haven’t this kind of electric power.

Thanks for yours advices and ideas.


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27/07/2017 at 22:11

@xav87 Hello Xavier!

The specs of the motor doesn’t have to be exactly like Dave’s motor. Mine for example has got 3 HP (2,2 kW) and 56 rpm. Generally: the more HP and the less rpm, the stronger is the shredder (can shred thicker pieces) and the higher the rpm, the more plastic you can shred per hour.
My motor is a onephase-motor (230V) and I bought it at Moll Motoren near Vienna. I searched scrapyards for weeks until I decided to buy a new one, it cost me 440€.

Also interesting: A topic dealing with monophase motors and another one.

I hope it helps,

30/07/2017 at 22:37

Hello Flo,

Thanks for your answer.
I have checked the Moll Motoren’s website. I think that I will search this kind of company in Belgium.
If someone has an adress I’m very interested.


29/08/2017 at 09:43


did you manage to swap rotation on that 1 phase motor? I read that’s a requirement as the schredder will get stuck once in a while.

If so, how did you do that exactly?

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