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Where to find Shredder Motor…

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Dustin John slaghammer

Where to find Shredder Motor…

08/02/2017 at 08:53

Anyone have a good online source for shredder motor that will work? Based on photos of machines built they look larger than what normally comes up from “High Torque Low RPM motor” search.

I assume its better to work with a gearbox reducer to make it slower, but if the motor can be sourced somewhere that would be helpful too. Also, a rating of ft-lb’s necessary would be great.


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08/02/2017 at 09:31

Motor with a reducer will be easier to find. the people who hve built the shredder recommend a 2HP Triphasic motor reduced to 70-100 rpm

09/02/2017 at 17:33

I would recommend looking at “world wide electric” for the gear reducers.


Simply select the speed/torque you want, and then you will see the motor requirements.

Inline helical gear reducers should be a bit more robust and cheaper than a worm gear or helical bevel reducer, but takes up more space.

You can then source a C-face motor to suit your needs. Single phase motors above 2HP are expensive and sometimes hard to find. Keep in mind that 3-phase motors are quite a bit cheaper than single phase motors, and often times you can use a VFD + 3 phase to convert single phase to 3 phase. With a VFD you have the ability to do all your controls on the drive, so no additional switches/reversing contactors/etc are required, and you can adjust speed to your liking.

If I was to go back and do mine over again, I would have used a slower speed (higher torque) reducer and used the VFD to speed it up if I wanted more speed. For my shredder I thought that 80 RPM was a little fast, so I’m going to look at getting a different reducer to run more like 50-60 RPM.

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