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Where to get reducers (europe) ?

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Where to get reducers (europe) ?

16/05/2018 at 12:47

I am desperately looking for a supplier for motor reducers. My offers here in Spain are around 450 – 600 Euro for a 20:1 reducer (for 3-5 Hp motors).
Can somebody help ?

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16/05/2018 at 16:55

You don’t need that power, all will be heawy, expensive and consume a lot of electricity, you need a 1100w or maximum 1500w with 28 rpm to shred all you want, you can also choose a 47/56/(70 rpm but the torque could be not enough with 1500w). Motor 1500w complete with reducer will cost in Italy about 490 euros complete of emergency stop and direction inverter.

16/05/2018 at 17:16

thanks for your input. I’m aware about the over-powered motor but we currently follow a different design : we want to attach the extruder and eventually one ore two more shredders along the same shaft (see here for more ). My client plans this as business, providing me and others in the region with shredded plastics for various commercial products 🙂 Looking at the shredding capacity of the original shredder design, I couldn’t recommend it because it’s unlikely to do real business with local companies… I hope that machine builder wisdom ‘think big, build big’ will pay out here too.

As for the reducers again: I finally found with the help of other pp mates 3 reasonable offers :

1. https://www.cidepa-sincron.com/en/5/mf-worm-gear-speed-reducer : spain, 468 Euro (incl. shipping & vat), steel, 1:20
2. https://www.zuendo.com/corona-sin-fin/2442-reductor-tauesend-motoren-rstv090.html : 400 Euro, Aluminum frame . I guess the aluminum could be a problem on the long
3. an offer from my metal supplier : SITI – 110 – 1:21, 430 Euro.

I also had offers from italy where the motor is included but given the fact that you can buy a motor for the same price as the shipping fees, its cheaper to buy it locally just. I’ve got new 5Hp motors for 70 Euro the piece, 1.5 euro the kg or so.

thanks again 🙂

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