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who can help my make small film about recycling ?

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Максим Сухомлин shtirmuz

who can help my make small film about recycling ?

01/06/2017 at 18:58

Hello all!

I have set a idea – to tell people that each of us can make the contribution to the program of processing of plastic recycling.
For this purpose I want to shoot the small film how will easily and just get rid of plastic garbage by means of Dave’s machine. Unfortunately Dave is very busy and can’t help me.
I have an opportunity to shoot this film already very soon, there is an assistant and means for this purpose. Very much I wait who to me can show as the machine works that is necessary for start of a konveer and as to aggregate everything.

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05/06/2017 at 20:19

So you’re looking for people with the recycling machines to film and talk about their experiences in getting started and operating the machines (preferably originating from one of Dave’s designs).

What locations might suit you?

Might others that are based near a machine be able to help you by filming and sending the outputs to you?

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