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Will this geared motor do ? Please help

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Julien shredman

Will this geared motor do ? Please help

06/09/2019 at 03:35

Hi all.  Total noob here. My best friend and I are joining forces to build a shredder for pure enjoyment of destruction and to film it..  We purchased a very small shredding unit and we are now on the hunt for a geared motor.  We have contacted various motor sellers in Australia and have found a few close by that do servicing etc..  so will be good for any issues that might arise.

Will this motor do ?
0.37kw 240 volt MMV63 60rpm 25mm output shaft 47Nm Price $415+gst (including output shaft)

Also offer a 1.5kw 240v geared motor  at 56rpm but told this would be physically to large for the job…

We want to shred plastic, and maybe plastic toys and things that will look good on film..

Any help on motors would be great  I have looked at all the info already in this forum and I am a little confused by what we need.

The shredding unit can fit a standard apple in it.  so you can see the scale of it..  very small.


any help would be great

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08/09/2019 at 02:28

Not sure, it is hard to tell the scale of your shredder box. You might find this Teaching Tech video interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL-k8kJ8yig . Don’t know how well or how long it will work but it is off the shelf.

08/09/2019 at 14:05

@shredman, hard to say without seeing the gearbox which can wear out quickly (ie: winch motors). However, I’ve seen shredders shredding PET bottles and sized like yours using a single phase motor with start & run capacitors (important!), with 0.8Kw, the usual 1500RPM and a reducer (good one) at 1:30 – 40. Here are again some tools and resources. Not have done the math for yours I’d say you’re ok with 1Kw.

10/09/2019 at 08:18

I have a couple ways of calculating the torque needed on my calculation post.

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